Taiwan Foreign Minister: “China Looks Like It’s Preparing to Start a War Against Taiwan”

Large-scale military drills, encirclement of the island and firing of explosives have made the climate more tense around the island of Taiwan, cut off by Beijing under the pretext of maintaining bilateral ties with the United States, which China considers under its sovereignty. . Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu condemned Beijing’s actions, a day after fake “joint precision strikes” were carried out on Taiwan during a Chinese military exercise. An exclusive interview was given to CNN, and warned that “China appears to be preparing to launch a war against Taiwan.” “Looking at the military exercises and their rhetoric, you get the impression that they are preparing to launch a war against Taiwan,” Joseph Wu said.

According to a US intelligence report via CNN, the Chinese military could be ready for military intervention as early as 2027, as requested by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Chinese leaders will think twice before using force against Taiwan. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2025 or 2027 or beyond, Taiwan needs to prepare,” explains Joseph Wu in his interview.

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A series of controversial diplomatic visits

A major object of China’s anger toward Taiwan, particularly its diplomatic ties with the United States, is that the ruling Chinese Communist Party claims the autonomous island as part of its territory. As his power grew, Chinese President Xi Jinping also expressed his ambitions to “reunify” the island, if necessary by force, CNN recalls.

Last August, then-Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, visited the island to support him against China. For his part, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen visited the United States for several days in early April, where he met with the current Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, and other lawmakers. . Beijing later responded with large-scale military exercises, describing it as “a serious warning against Taiwanese separatist forces colluding with external powers and a necessary measure to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity”. Asked by CNN about the cost of such diplomatic meetings, Joseph Wu said, “China cannot dictate how Taiwan makes friends. And China cannot dictate to our friends how they should show support for Taiwan.”

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Emmanuel Macron’s Disturbing Comments on China

The Chinese exercises were held in parallel with French President Xi Jinping’s state visit. After his meeting, Emmanuel Macron seemed to wonder if France should get involved in the Taiwan crisis, “The worst thing is to think that the Europeans should become followers in this matter and adapt to the American pace or overreaction. China,” explains the American newspaper.

French officials later said his comments had been misinterpreted. Joseph Wu told CNN that Taipei had asked France for an explanation. “When he showed his support for Taiwan, we are still trying to understand what he said and what it meant for the French government”.

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