Switzerland does not require a Covid test for travelers from China

Unlike its neighbours, Switzerland does not currently introduce mandatory Covid-19 tests for travelers from China. The Swiss people are sufficiently protected against the vagaries of circulation there, the Federal Council considers.

Omicron variants circulating in China pose a low risk to the Swiss population and health system. The Swiss are highly protected against severe forms of Covid-19. Many have been vaccinated or are already infected, the government wrote in a statement on Wednesday.

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The Federal Council is therefore content at this time to strengthen information on health measures for air travelers to and from China. The federal Office of Public Health recommends that these individuals wear masks.

The European Union (EU) recently took another path, recommending “strictly” that its members test travelers from China. France, Italy and Germany have taken steps in this direction.


In recent days, the Federal Council has been pressured to follow suit. Politicians and regional ministers have all called for the introduction of compulsory exams. However, many experts and infectious disease experts have expressed their doubts about the effectiveness of such a measure.

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This is the path the government seems to be following now. The circulation of the virus in Switzerland is currently so high that a screening obligation to disproportionately reduce the number of people arriving by air directly from China would have little effect on the spread of the disease in Switzerland, he writes in his communication.

Switzerland will closely monitor the development of the situation, especially the identification of new varieties. The Federal Council says it is ready to adapt health measures at borders if necessary. The EU has announced it will review the recommendations in mid-January.

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