Surprised! The two broadcasters once stopped talking to each other. The other party went so far as to pray. Please don't meet me.

Surprised! The two announcers, Calamari-Toi-Toi-Toi-Potathchart, once stopped talking to each other. The other party went so far as to pray. Please don't meet me. Before I go back to talking again

A friendship spanning 30 years Many people may never know that MC is female Calamari – Pacharsri Panjamas with Tui Tui – Futhachart Phongsuchat We have been friends for a very long time, going through every stage of life together.

Surprised! 2 MCs: Calamari-Toi-Toi Have you ever stopped talking? The other party went so far as to pray. Please don't meet me.

Latest (May 23) Calamari-Toy toy I went along to talk through the program. Unfold Willing to tell stories of the past when they were apart before, with friendship. Calamari-Toy toy 30 years ago

Calamari: Before he disappeared, he first met, first approached, and then disappeared.

Toy toy: At that time he had to be away. It's called staying away and worrying, he's going to be a good looking person. A confident and strong person, but deep down he is a person who needs warmth. I am a family lover. Therefore, family matters will be a fragile matter for her. There was a time when she was worried about her family. So I invited her to go where she felt comfortable.

We go together. Then one person vanished. Then someone else went and brought it back. We went and brought it back and, well, we were able to bring it back for less than half a year. I went out by myself. But he's still here. Because he felt refreshed in his heart at that time, Brother Mary’s wing was broken, and his heart was empty, but we were walking very quietly.

Black ants: At that time I asked and she didn't say anything. I asked what happened why? Then he shut up and didn't really tell me.

Toy toy: One day, I met him at a sales presentation, and he came over to say hello. What happened to you? This doesn't say anything. I'm afraid he will invite me again.

Calamari: It's called different karma, different agendas. Everyone's time is different.

Toy toy: If karma is not exhausted, it will not come out.

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Calamari: Finally it's time to meet him.

Toy toy: That day I told him I loved him. Sister Mary said she loved me. And then I left him. He released me and that is, at that time I got out. I considered the illusion in his eyes. I was worried he would invite me back. It's better not to say but we know we will always love each other no matter what.

Calamari: It's as if we are starting a new life. We go back to living life as we used to.

Toy toy: It's as if we are going to learn about life. What's something coming? It allows us to know what is true and what is not, and start a new life. The day Bmir returned, we didn't know whether he had actually returned or not.

Calamari: One day, they met by chance in the parking lot.

Toy toy: Because in the past I prayed and prayed that I would not find you. Because we live in the same apartment the rooms are next to each other.

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During that time, Toy Toy moved into an apartment and ran away?

Toy toy: I went to live in different houses.

Calamari: If it were me, I'd do it.

Toy toy: That day I went back to get things. I heard a woman calling. Apparently the calamari was very unlucky today.

Calamari: This is talking on the phone. When he saw me, his face was like seeing a ghost. He told Tui that he had something urgent to talk about, and he was shocked that day, and he called and they talked and communicated.

Toy toy: Because we know that the person who comes out is going to have something. They must be together. When we love something very much and it's not what we thought it would be. As if the world is collapsing. Brother Mary is several times heavier than his uncle.

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