NASA makes a new discovery! “The oldest and most distant galaxy.”

Discover new secrets of the universe

One of the most distant galaxies discovered by JWST's Advanced Extragalactic Survey (JADES) team is “Galaxy Jadis-GS-Z14-0Which is believed to have formed only 290 million years after the Big Bang. But what was surprising was that it was incredibly gigantic. It is 1,600 light-years across and bright. There was an unusually large amount of starlight. Until researchers like Stefano Cargnani and Kevin Heinlein were forced to ask:

How did nature manage to create such a great and perfect galaxy? In a short period after the birth of the universe

Webb's infrared instruments also detected strange wavelengths of light from JADS-GS-z14-0, indicating the release of powerful ionized gases. This is likely due to the large amounts of hydrogen and oxygen. This is strange too. Because oxygen was usually not present during the early life of galaxies. Therefore, it is a mystery worth seeking an answer to.

Due to the expansion of the universe, light coming from distant galaxies has a longer wavelength. Until infrared light becomes invisible to the naked eye. Requires special Webb camera monitoring capability. Because the speed of light is limited, looking at these distant galaxies is like looking at the past of the universe.

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