Strengthen “soft power” and clearly define it. The state should not lose its way.

Dr. Thanchon advises the government before moving forward with policies to enhance soft power. It should be clearly marked so it won’t get lost. Reveal your personal thoughts. “Soft power” is not a product, but rather a tool that moves you from one point to another. It’s about swallowing without feeling threatened.

Date: October 26, 2023 Dr. Thanchun Chanruang, teacher, director and playwright gave an interview on News One’s “Khun Kho Khao” program on the topic “Strengthening soft power and clearly defining it. The state must not lose its way.”

Defining soft power Firstly, the government must be decisive in what it defines, Dr Thanachon once said. The government can determine this.

But if you ask me, power is power. It’s a diplomatic issue. Colonial issues But it is not a heavy force that oppresses and usurps any land. It’s not about property. The key is to swallow everything. Such as Korean series On the other hand, they have come to our area often, including Korean products and families. If we look at the old theory, is it a type of colonialism?

To put it bluntly, soft power is a tool, a device, that moves one point to another. It is not a product, but it takes us to a product. This is not limited to consumer goods only. But it also includes feelings, values, faith and trust in others, not in ourselves.

Including safe areas like Hollywood movies. We’d been watching it since we were kids and didn’t feel like Hollywood was threatening us. Or even international schools. It’s a change in values. Or like Muay Thai, Thai massage, etc.

Dr. Thanchon also said that for the One Family, One Soft Power policy the definition must be completed first. Then comes the policy review. Now we’re putting it together. They say they will provide jobs, knowledge and a self-reliant economy, which is a very good thing. But how did soft power come together? Or it can be divided into branches. But if you go in the same direction, follow the flow. There will be competition for jobs among them. It encourages the success of soft power policy. You have to find a good balance.

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