I found you! The people who made the saltiest Pad Thai in the PadThai competition are couple Kong Somkiat Chantra and Fabio Quartararo.

Yesterday at the Ratchapruek Club, there was a preliminary event before the Thailand Grand Prix battle at Chang International Circuit, Buriram District, called the PadThai Competition, or a Pad Thai making competition between international riders. It turns out that it was the duo of Franco Morbidelli and Kong Thachakorn Buasri who won the championship in pad Thai making.

And the last-placed pair, Fabio Quartararo and Kong Somkiat Chantra, are said to be the ones that Thai motorsport executives and fans savored and asked for another bottle of water.

We met Kong Somkiat in person at Chang Stadium. Don’t miss asking the person about the matter. Naturally, the answer was one that brought back one group laughing shoulder to shoulder while explaining the reason for the pad thai appearance. ‘Delicious to the heart, cutting the kidneys’

“That’s me. I watched a clip on YouTube. And then I saw that Pad Thai should have fish sauce. So I asked Fabio to add fish sauce. But it turned out that the plug of fish sauce was too big. And I spilled a lot of it, too.” So it came out like…this is salty.”

Somkiat was also quick to defend that in his daily life he also cooks and eats. Especially when spending time with family. But the menu I’m good at is stir-fried with basil. As for Pad Thai, let’s treat it as a technical glitch.

Thai motorsport fans can follow every move of Kong Somkiat and world-class riders across the main grandstand. We guarantee that we won’t miss out on collecting fun content straight from Chang International Circuit, Buriram District, for sure!

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