Spread Chompoo Juicy Strawberries. Which makes many people’s glands tremble! | tvpoolonline.com

Spread Chompoo Juicy Strawberries. Which makes many people’s glands tremble!

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Well, lately, Chumbo star mother Araya A. Harkett has been posting photos of strawberries so often, so much that people have noticed that this action is not so common anymore. Before Mai Chum comes out and explains it, I don’t want to convey anything. Or communicate with anyone at all I just want to talk to the fruit, that’s all.

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Recently, mother Chombo suddenly posted a photo of strawberries again. But this time it was three strawberry emojis with the hashtag #juicy, which made many people shake their foreheads several times. Because it makes you wonder whether Mai Chom wants to convey something or not. Among the netizens came a loud comment, such as Well, this is a story that will make you unable to sleep again, what happened mom, chummmmm, please let me sit in the front row, mom, strawberry is back, mom came to answer first. I can’t sleep, Mom Chom always posts fruits that make us curious, which means Phi Wan bought them 🍓 from the market. My mom ate🍓 and it was delicious, that’s all, you guys think too much.

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