Manchester United player ratings in the Premier League match, home match, 1-0 win over Luton Town: player ratings


English Premier League 2023/24

Race day:

Saturday, November 11, 2023


Old Trafford

Competition results:

Manchester United 1-0 Luton Town

Andre Onana – 7

There were some lovely saves in the first half with Morris’s header narrowly avoided. But then, there wasn’t much difficulty in the second half.

Diogo Dalot – 6

Playing as a right back does not have a big role in the game. Supporting defensive play and communicating with the ball from the back. There is no chance to supplement it.

Harry Maguire – 7

The defensive game is still going well. But today, he seems like he’s really interested in football. How much foul play is non-artistic?

Victor Lindelof – 7

The defense performed well with Maguire starting. Today, he also scored the team’s winning goal from an orange that fell directly onto the track.

Sergio Reguilon – 7

Come back to be a starter for the team again. He is still outstanding in his diligence, chasing every moment, and never letting the ball go easily.

Christian Eriksen – 5

Help shape the midfield game Release the ball from deep in your own half. Unfortunately, he was injured and had to be replaced at half-time.

Scott McTominay – 6

He is the setter from the midfield. There were some chances to finish the game, but today there was a lack of accuracy.

Bruno Fernandes – 6

He controls the play in midfield and is the one who shapes the attacking play. Try to create opportunities to shoot and pass. But today it still doesn’t make a difference.

Marcus Rashford – 6

Still not spending his day today’s party did not pass. He made all the wrong decisions and had a very focused shot, but it went straight at the goalkeeper who looked dead.

Alejandro Carnacio – 6

I have to play the ball a lot on the edge of the line. But obviously he was always very involved. Especially at the moment he slipped, he chose to tap and dodge but thought slowly and acted slowly until he was finally pursued and attacked.

Rasmus Hojlund – 6

There is very little opportunity to play football. In addition, he wasted a golden opportunity with a close shot to save the ball. But today there was a beautiful pass for Carnacho to run from, but unfortunately it did not turn into a goal.

Mason Mount (Eriksen 40′) – 6

Go down and try to create a game. But as always, today there is little role. And there’s not much you can do.

Anthony (Carnasio 68′) – 5

He came down to stand on the right side, still not doing much, not feeding, still not passing.

Anthony Martial (Hoylund 79′) – None

We went down to collect the ball in the front area, but as usual we could not do anything useful.

Raphael Varane (Reguilon 79′) – None

He came down to stop the match at the end of the match.

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