Sidney Sweeney defends family photos seen as pro-Maga: ‘Please stop making assumptions’

Sidney Sweeney touched on the social media firestorm that erupted after she posted a photo dump Instagram In celebration of her mother’s 60th birthday, one photo has surfaced of an unknown man wearing a Blue Lives Matter T-shirt.

The two-time Emmy nominee wrote: “Guys, this is wild” Twitter. “An innocent celebration of my mother’s 60th birthday has turned into a ridiculous political statement, and that wasn’t the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Lots of love to everyone.”

And happy birthday, mom! “

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The “Ecstasy” band had published pictures from the celebration earlier on Saturday. “There is no better way to celebrate my mom than a sudden fold



, commented on the post, where the second photo depicts herself, her mother, and several other singles around a birthday cake. The man can be clearly seen in the background in MAGA outerwear. In separate photos posted by her brother, Trent, attendees are pictured in MAGA parody hats that read, “Make Sixty Great Again.”

It didn’t take long for social media to surprise the photo, as Twitter users used Sweeney’s auspicious clips of “Euphoria” to make fun of the photo. The whereabouts of her family during the January 6 riots. Others intervened to defend the actress, writing“Has the thought ever crossed anyone’s mind that it was possible for Sidney Sweeney to disagree so strongly with her parents’ policies, just like a huge percentage of Millennials/Generation Z? She is no more responsible for her family’s ideas than you are now. Leave her alone.”

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leave some Not satisfied By responding, he called the option to publish photos where the far-right, anti-Black Lives Matter images appear to be an “absurd political statement” in and of itself.

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