Shocked girl! Bring friends for shabu mala. Orders flow like water. I checked the bill and it came out to 24 million baht!

Shocked girl! Bring friends for shabu mala. I checked the bill and it came out to 24 million baht! The store confirmed the actual order. Orders keep coming in. The system does not crash.

It was a story that caught the attention of netizens when Ms. Li, a Chinese woman, volunteered to work as a bookmaker with her friends. Come and eat mala shabu in Yunnan Province. Because it's her favorite store. Which besides having a delicious taste the shop is still fresh. Simply order through the restaurant's online system and the system will generate a QR code containing each dish the customer ordered. The restaurant then receives the information and processes the order. Customers can also share this QR code to order food together without having to send each other the regular menu.

There shouldn't be anything wrong with the matter, but when Ms. Li and her friends finished choosing the food, she was shocked when the restaurant's system displayed a total cost of 4,740,000 yuan (about 24 million baht), an unimaginable amount for just one meal, and asked the staff to… Verify that the system is incorrect, is it an error or not? The shop inspected but found no defect.

After searching for the reason for a while, Ms. Lee found that the high food bill was most likely due to a mistake she made. Because while choosing the food I was sent a QR code. The order accidentally went into the restaurant's WeChat chat group. This chat group is opened by the store to recommend promotions to customers. This caused many people who saw her to intentionally harass her by ordering so much food that the bill went up.

When she learned the reason, she sent a message through the group chat criticizing the person who bullied her. But that did not make them repent in any way. The situation got worse because some said she deserved it because she wasn't careful. But in the end, the store owner reached out to put an end to the situation before it escalated. By blocking her QR code and then asking her to pay only for the food she ordered made her sigh in relief.

This is a lesson, Ms. Lee revealed. If the restaurant continues to follow this order you will not be able to afford the food. I hope her story makes everyone careful about sharing information. The store promised to manage the ordering system more tightly than before. This is to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

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