Explore elephant camp “Foreigners kick doctors” Phuket MP submits information to check funding channels

Phuket News Center – Officials probe elephant camp “foreigners kicking doctors” as Phuket District 2 MP reveals he is preparing to submit information on elephant camp to commissioner to investigate business operations. Including financial means including the foundation of the company that owns the elephant camp

Today (March 4, 2024) at 10:00 am, Salompong Songdee, Phuket District 2 MP, Progressive Party, Livestock Department, Forest Department, National Park Department, NHSO, Police, Police Station with officials. Tserng Thale studied the elephant together. Located in Cherng Thale sub-district, Mr. The camp of a foreigner named David. Mr David and his wife are not at the elephant camp, along with officials from Talang District, Phuket Province Information Staff

Mr. Suthat Niyomthai, Phuket Provincial Veterinarians, together today examined the microchips of 14 elephants in Green Elephant Sanctuary Park, Phuket Provincial MPs and related organizations. For livestock, Phuket Province will examine them. Elephant movement elephant statue tickets and elephant health

On examination, all 14 elephants were found to be healthy and strong. Following this, the district will have livestock. Have to go for annual inspection and maintenance.

The elephant camp has been registered in the name of the company regarding the opening of the elephant camp. It can. Foundation Inspection Division It will be under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Home Affairs. While registering, you should see how the details of the foundation are registered.

In the case of livestock, primary consideration will be given to the Animal Identification Act, 2015 and the Cruelty to Animals Act, 2014. So far in the investigation, no wrongdoing has been found. Because the identity card is complete and correct I understand that the Ministry of Home Affairs is carrying out the work while laying the foundation.

Chaloemphong Saengdee, Phuket District 2, Progressive Party MP
Phuket District 2, Kaew Klai Party MP Mr. Chaloemphong Saengdee said he went to the area today because he had information about his suspicions. The company registered the establishment and investment of the elephant camp business by observing that Pang does business in Chang. Is that right? Is the operation of the Elephant Trust correct in delaying the importation of elephants? The elephant part has a microchip, which the vet confirmed. attached to the ID card

Meanwhile, in the forest department, a doubt has arisen in the inspection of the land where the business is taking place, whether it is a forest area, a national park or not. After this, the issue will be resolved. To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, check the owner's visa and business activities whether they fulfill the request or not. Also, it is important to check the cash flow, tax payments, whether taxes are properly paid to the company and the owner of the elephant camp or not. At every step there must be an examination of every matter.

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