shock! The girl reveals 4 world famous singers with the initials A. hidden as her boyfriend. Additionally, if you become pregnant, do not accept an abortion.

On October 25, journalists reported that the case of a popular entertainment page that revealed the flirtatious behavior of a singer famous for the abbreviation A, who has 4 worlds, got a woman pregnant and then stalked her to get an abortion. Moreover, in one world, she is also a singer, the first letter of the singer’s name is T, the first letter of the singer’s name is M, and the first letter of the high society girl’s name is B, which makes netizens speculate about the identity of the famous singer. Even now, the young woman who came out to reveal such behavior on the program “Open Your Mind” and the “Amarin TV” channel was completely destroyed on the night of October 24.

The young woman in question is called Nabdao on the show. The person revealed that I met the singer in a restaurant. At that time, this singer was already singing and said that she liked Khun Nap Daw, who was beautiful and kind, so he asked the waiter to bring a note saying that he wanted to get to know her. At that time I was fascinated by the singer. But I didn’t know that this singer already had a girlfriend. Also, a female singer asked the male singer: What happened?

The singer replied: “Right now, I want to find someone to talk to comfortably. When I talked to Count Dao, I felt really comfortable.” While he said that I don’t want to be second or third to anyone and I’m trying to distance myself. But I found news that the male singer broke up with the female singer. So we went back and talked again.

He was asked why do you trust this famous singer? Count Dao asked him to take her to a house in the province, her birthplace, to see her parents. When he went to the set, he gave advice to others. They were people who talked and loved each other and at that time there was also news about that and after she broke up with the singer she went out with another singer. He acts like a friend but tells you that your condition is just that of siblings. He also said counting stars, don’t be afraid because I’m about to quit.

Khun Nabdo said the famous singer looked serious. So there is a deep connection. It seems that Count Dow was pregnant and told the famous singer. But the famous singer had news with another high-society woman, so he asked: “What should I do if I’m pregnant?” The famous singer replied: “Right now, counting stars is not my happiness. Let’s terminate the pregnancy?” They then took her to a clinic and gave her money to have an abortion. He said he didn’t really want to sue for anything. I don’t want to be in the news. But I would tell the singer to stop hurting women this way.

Thanks for the information – Amarin TV photo

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