SET suspends P on MGI shares for third round, halts trading for one day

The stock exchange posted a P on MGI shares and suspended trading today (February 28) for another day because trading deviated from normal conditions without any supporting fundamentals. Extending the period for securities to be subject to the third level trading control procedures until March 19, 2024.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has announced a pause mark (P) on the shares of Miss Grand International Public Company Limited or MGI to suspend trading for one business day today (February 28) due to trading, which is a deviation from normal without any fundamentals support leading to Falling into Level 3 of trading supervision procedures, suspending trading on the first business day, prohibiting net settlement, and prohibiting the calculation of trading limits and cash balance as of today (February 28) – March 19, 2024.

Tomorrow (February 29), the P symbol for MGI shares will be removed, but purchases will still be made using the Cash Balance account. Trading limits and net settlements will not be allowed to be calculated until the end of the period specified by the stock exchange. It is determined according to the securities subject to trading supervision procedures.

After yesterday (February 27), MGI's share price rose to the highest price ceiling (shilling) by 30.50%, an increase of 15.25 baht, to close trading at 65.25 baht, an increase of 1,218.18% from the IPO price of 4.95 baht.

In this regard, the Stock Exchange announced the publication of the P mark on MGI shares in this round, which is the third round. The P mark had previously been placed on MGI shares, and the first round was on February 20, 2024, and the P mark was removed on that date. February 21, 2024, second round on February 23, 2024 and P sign removed on February 27, 2024

The Miss Thailand Grand Prix 2024 competition will be organized earlier than last year.

MGI has announced the news of Miss Grand Thailand 2024, which will be held earlier this year than last year (2023), starting from March 3 – April 6, 2024, to appoint the candidates who will be in the final 10 places, who will become artists under Company. Including being Thailand's representative to compete on the next international stage. And to help drive marketing activities for products within the MGI network

The company expects revenues to be in line with the set target. Income comes from contest sponsors. Each round's ticket sales, voting, affiliate sales contests including organizing other special activities

Responding to CGSI leads a group of investors to visit the actual business.

In addition, MGI informed the Stock Exchange of Thailand that information had been published denying the involvement of a group of investors from CGS Securities. International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (CGSI) to visit the company's business. The Company received this information as advice from the Deputy Director of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. In issuing such a statement

The company would like to inform you that the information mentioned is incorrect. Because yesterday (February 27), officials of CGS Securities International (Thailand) brought a group of investors to visit the company's actual business. Issuing such announcements damages reputation, credibility and value.

The company commissioned Mr. Nuat Isra Krisel, CEO, to file a complaint with the police at Bang Kaeo Police Station, Samut Prakan Province. In a crime of 10,000 negligence the wrong data was successfully imported into the computer system. Since yesterday, in order to protect and preserve the company’s rights. The company will inform shareholders and the Stock Exchange of Thailand of information related to the lawsuit again.

By the way, securities companies CGS International (Thailand) announced that according to news in the media referring to CIMB Finance and Securities Company, 30 investors were brought to visit Miss Grand Company. International General Company Limited (MGI) to listen to lectures and strategies for this business.

CGS International Securities (Thailand) Company Limited would like to inform you that the Company is not acting on behalf of the Company nor is it promoting such actions in any way, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Company.

In addition, the Company would like to state that the name of the Company is “Securities Company”. “CGS International (Thailand) Limited” is not CIMB Finance and Securities as described in the news.

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