SET raises the bar. Nude shorts must submit proof of stock holding within 15 days – Stock Mitti

Stock size – SET Let’s take it to the next level. Naked Short has to submit the certificate of share ownership within 15 days and set up a special task force to look at the parity between program users and non-users of the trading program.

Rongrak Panabouthikul, Deputy Manager, Head of Legal Department and Corporate Secretary and Chairman of the Corporate Supervisory Committee, The Stock Exchange of Thailand (Set up) issued a press conference on guidelines for further development of monitoring, saying that the SET is ready to be set up. “Special Task Force” Review the integrity of usersBusiness plan and not used in accordance with international principles

including increasing the intensity of the study. Short sale If SET has doubts and the broker shall submit proof of share ownership for inspection within 15 days, failing which, it shall be considered Nude puddle

Additionally, emphasize Securities Company (Securities exchange) to cooperate and coordinate with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) check a joint account where many people trade. Find a real person selling short in the country and abroad

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