Offering the most premium concession to OPPO Find N3 series customers, OPPO is ready to raise the bar for foldable screen smartphones that are better in every aspect.

OPPO Thailand launches OPPO Find N3 and OPPO Find N3 Flip, continuous innovations that are more powerful in every aspect. With the most premium premium feature, covering all the most impressive services of OPPO Find N3 | Look for N3 Flip customers, join the experience of a new definition of folding, and raise the bar for the best foldable screen smartphone in every dimension.

OPPO Find N3 is powerful and performant. It comes with a light and slim design but packed with powerful performance. With two main screens, a 6.3-inch external screen and a 7.8-inch unfolded screen, and a light weight of only 239 grams, which is lighter than general flagship smartphones. Powerful with 3 main cameras designed with Hasselblad, which are considered the best cameras among smartphones with foldable screens. It provides the best user experience with ColorOS designed to use up to 3 apps with Boundless View, and comes in two colors to choose from: Champagne Gold and Classic Black.

And the OPPO Find N3 Flip gives you a better camera by being a foldable smartphone that takes the most beautiful photos. It comes with a Cosmos Ring design, which is a pioneering camera design, along with a Starlight Track ring around the camera. Inspired by the camera aperture ring. It comes with 3 main cameras, which is a first for a foldable screen smartphone. This comes with a Telephoto Portrait Camera that can take selfies at 2X zoom and an Ultra Wide Camera that can take ultra-wide, clear selfies. Along with collaborations with international camera brands such as Hasselblad and 3 new colors such as Cream Gold, Mistry Pink and Sleek Black.

The OPPO Find N3 is officially on sale today at a price of 69,990 baht and the OPPO Find N3 Flip is available at a special price of 34,990 baht! When you order OPPO Find N3 and OPPO Find N3 Flip, get a special premium privilege.

  • Internal warranty service: Obtain service at OPPO service centers in each country as determined by the company.
  • Premium Service: Get special channel and hotline service rights as well as delivery services to your destination.
  • The update service installs the movie on OPPO Find N3 Series phones for free within 2 years (unlimited number of times)
  • Screen Replacement Discount: Get a special discount when replacing your screen for the first time, up to 20%.
  • E-VIP privilege guarantees the screen (indoor – outdoor) once each during the period specified by the company.
  • Special benefit for Google One and YouTube Premium: Get a 6-month free trial of 100GB Google One + a free 3-month trial of YouTube Premium.
  • Exclusive parking for OPPO Find N3 users Special parking rights for OPPO Find N3 customers in major stores. As specified by the company

Ready to receive free gifts worth up to 41,899 baht, including the OPPO Find N3 Protection Kit (Purpose PU Case and Screen Protector) worth 1,999 baht and an E-VIP Card (2 years) worth 39,900 baht for those who order from October 31 to 30. Next November in all OPPO Brand Shop branches and distributors across the country.

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source: Wonderman Thompson Thailand

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