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Stock Dimensions – Ready to Upgrade Thai Capital Market Regional hubs target to attract foreign investment after clear signs of SET recovery

Mr. Pakorn Pitatawachai, Director and Director The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) revealed that the exchange has future goals to make the Thai stock market “the investment hub of the region” and has been quick to attract many countries to raise funds in Thailand. In a variety of formats, including CG, ESG, carbon credits and digital access

The SET signal is clearly restored

Mr. Phakorn stated that for trading in the Thai stock market, it primarily depends on the economic situation of the country. This is currently the trend for listed companies. The Thai economy has gradually improved and the trend has become clearer. GDP numbers have been better, and capital outflows have decreased. Some flows have returned to investment, which is a good sign for the money market.

5 future goals

1) Upgrading to a regional stock exchange, both in terms of being a source of fundraising for companies in the country and abroad.
2) Expanding fundraising opportunities for companies of all sizes in the region, focusing on the target group, whether large companies or emerging SMEs.
3) Develop the digital capital market to complement the currently strong traditional capital market. To be an alternative for a new generation of fundraisers and investors.
4) Increase the efficiency of work processes and supervision and develop a strong capital market infrastructure. By considering the introduction of artificial intelligence technology and generative artificial intelligence technology to help develop work in many fields.
5) Advancing sustainability (sustainability) in every dimension, with a focus on preparing listed companies, investors and capital market players. To be ready to support the challenges and opportunities of sustainability issues. And developing new regulatory rules

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