2 years, 2 champions! Should Erik ten Hoag and Manchester United continue or is this enough?

1. First, let me tell you this.

This was the last FA Cup championship won by Manchester United, defeating Manchester City in the final, which is considered a more prestigious and meaningful championship than the 2016 FA Cup by defeating Crystal Palace.

At that time, Louis van Gaal was relieved of his post. Manchester United replaced Jose Mourinho after winning the FA Cup earlier.

2. I have been criticizing Eric den Haag throughout the season regarding his team management.

Clearly… no.

Because Manchester United's overall form has been terrible. And they don't play properly. And without strong consistency

And the 4-0 drubbing by Crystal Palace was miserable. It reinforces that he is definitely not the right man for Manchester United.

This should change when it doesn't. Change until you meet the right person.

3. However

With the poor nature of Manchester United, Erik ten Hoag still has some legitimacy, and how incomplete has this been as a team with the Red Devils' key players hijacked by injuries this season?

The center back duo in particular have to change almost every week. So there are serious problems with defensive play.

I understand, not that I don't. It is also very sympathetic.

Jurgen Klopp has also experienced this problem and Liverpool's performances have been poor.

But the “Reds” were in bad shape and played stylishly. Their game is still better than their competitors. It's just that the job isn't right.

Newcastle also have a lot of injuries, why are they playing more than Manchester United, their style of play is obvious.

4. Reaching the cup finals 3 times in 2 seasons and winning the championship 2 times shows that Erik ten Haag has a knack for planning and deciding games.

He seems like a manager of sorts.

“Good at one game” means getting better match-to-match like this over long periods of time.

Before the match, there were reports that he would be sacked regardless of the outcome of the match. It's a fair thing.

Because your team finished 8th in the Premier League and runners-up in the FA Cup as per form.

If they play like this, what will Manchester City do to fight back?

I think beating an invincible team like Manchester City will require trickery and better strategy.

Before the final, he expressed his opinion… The Dutch coach's fate rests on the FA Cup final.

If we succeed, we may have to reconsider. But that's probably not possible.

5.Manchester United unexpectedly beat Manchester City…that's it.

I see it as a great success. As well as being FA Cup champions, it is more valuable than the many FA Cup titles won by the Red Devils.

Importantly, the recent championship brought joy and excitement to all the ghost kids who suffered from bipolar disorder throughout the season.

Hey…same to me, haha.

Hence & thus

If I were Sir Jim Radcliffe I would give him a chance to continue next season. In exchange for winning the FA Cup, the procession received a lot of emotion and feeling.

Yes…excuse Erik den Haag in a special case. Because he won the FA Cup for the Red Devils.

But that doesn't mean I see him as the right person to bring the Red Devils back from the gulag.

I will give him a chance to prove himself. After recovering key players from injuries. Including finding 2-3 new players for you.

No excuses now.

If you can go, it will be the right decision.

But after 12-13 rounds, still no sign of improvement. Or you can't see it and handle it.

I will shade my bald head. His supplies left immediately.


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