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Among the senators who debated supporting the legislation were Mr. Cheri Suvannabanon is one of them.

The Senate (Senate) meeting prepared to set up an extraordinary committee to consider the draft law on Civil and Commercial Code (No….) PE…, 27 members, examined the draft law. You have 7 days to make corrections.

Draft Consideration of Marriage Equality Act According to a Senate meeting today (April 2), the House of Representatives passed the bill on 2-3 readings last week. The law requires the Senate to consider it within 60 days.

The Senate meeting has opened for five Senate committees to present their observations on the draft legislation. Most of the issues raised by the Senate concerned the draft law, which would require agencies to review amendments to the Cabinet within 180 days, a section providing for amendments to other laws, and writing provisions to protect public officials in the performance of their duties. and concerns about the automatic grant of other legal rights.

After presenting the senators' observations and discussions, the Senate assembly voted in favor by 147 votes to 4, with 7 abstentions, and decided to appoint an extraordinary committee of 27, including the Senate Proportionality Committee. Cabinet Proportion Committee and Electoral Proportion Commissioner

In the Senate meeting, Senator Mr. Seri Suwanphonon discussed that the proposed law may be considered as the will of the people, but the Senate will probably not make a decision or consider the trend. When society changes and develops to this extent, people must accept what is proposed. But if the law is already enforced it seems that those who live together must stay together.

Mr. Cheri expressed her opinion.

Mr. Cherry said she supports the legislation. But as a legislator, you should consider this carefully. In order to avoid further complications in the application of the Act.

“This law is acceptable to society. The council makes the laws but you have to think about making sure they can live with stability and consistency.

The Senator's discussion and other observations include:

Fix fear regulations to Provincial Administration Department – Generate new marriage certificate within 120 days.

Government Executive Commissioner of National Security Council Mr. Banya Nganlert presented the group's observations. The implementation period of the draft law is 120 days and 180 days for the agencies responsible for reviewing the law, which the various agencies will complete within the specified period.

Mr. Banya said the Provincial Administration Department, Ministry of Home Affairs should amend the law and 4 regulations including the Family Registration Act of 1935, the National Act of 1965, the Women's Rights Act of 2008 and regulations of the Ministry of Home Affairs. In relation to family registration in 1998, the database operating system also needed to be improved, and provincial administrative department officials across the country were trained to understand it.

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This panel of the National Security Council is of the opinion on matters related to registration that the Provincial Administration Department should urgently amend various regulations and forms within 90-120 days and also amend the printed form of marriage certificate. Divorce Certificate Both forms should correct the words male and female in the document. All this took 90 days due to the length of the procurement process.

Despite the explanation from the representative of the provincial administration department, this senator decided. Settlement may be completed within 120 days, but this period may not be sufficient. Therefore, it is suggested that the time period can be extended which will make the legal proceedings more effective.

Requiring the responsible agency to review the legislation within 180 days is an issue that worries whether the Senate Judiciary Committee can act in time. Because 47 related laws need to be reviewed, some of them may take a long time. Therefore, it is considered that time should be given to various institutions.

Proposes provisions to protect Muslim-Christian marriage registrars.

They also expressed concern over the sensitive religious issues observed by the General Administration Commission.

Mr. Banya read out the committee's observations that the proposed amendment could affect Christians. And Islam because the family is founded on doctrine. It says that marriage should be between one man and one woman only. God created humans for two sexes. In order to preserve the human race, it is contrary to religious teachings to create a family of heterosexual individuals.

The Commission agreed that appropriate criteria should be established to protect government officials. While it has to perform the duties of marriage registration which is responsible for the registration, it can simultaneously perform the duties according to legal and religious principles. Among same-sex couples such as Islam

“If you are a government official, he cannot act as a registrar to register Muslim same-sex marriages. If the official does not accept the registration, it is a dereliction of duty. But if the official accepts the registration, it is an offense according to religious principles. This makes it unacceptable to society in that religion,” said Mr. Banya explained the reason.

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The Committee (Committee) carefully considered the draft. The Marriage Equality Act must be interpreted in the Senate from a proportion of the electorate

The Religious Sense of Equal Marriage Laws

As a member of the Senate Committee on Religion, Morals, Ethics, Arts and Culture, Senator Wanchai Sonsiri said about the Equal Marriage Bill. Only a few countries have equal marriage laws. And Muslim countries do not recognize this type of law. It is a delicate matter of amending the law to suit the changing social conditions. The Committee therefore felt that the amendments should be carefully considered.

Vanjai explained the committee's observations: This law is not a mandatory measure. But it is an opportunity to exercise rights. So different religions don't have to act under this law if they feel it is against the teachings of their religion. Religious organizations have to play a role in creating knowledge and understanding. . Address issues that lead to changes in social values. and helps prevent or suppress controversy of ideas when this Act comes into force

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“This Act guarantees the right to form a family. Each religion will consider the exercise of such rights in accordance with the tenets of the religion it adheres to. And the relevant religious organizations should also play a role in creating the correct perception of the public about religious principles.

Also, it is proposed that the Religious Affairs Commission should have social activities. After implementing laws like illegal surrogacy and human trafficking, social action should be taken to solve the prevailing problems. or policies that facilitate the creation of new types of families, such as establishing promotion policies between same-sex couples or individuals with transgender characteristics. The relationship between registered parents and children should have rights and dignity, including the acquisition of family lineage as children in general.

Public Works is preparing to advance to the Senate panel again as “Parents First”.

Mrs. Nayana Subabuyeng, Commissioner (Committee), Extraordinary Draft of Equal Marriage Act. Be prepared for more complications, the committee from the public sector has reappointed to the Senate's extraordinary committee of the House of Representatives. The “first parents” went back to the Senate committee on March 27 after being expelled from the House of Representatives.

“We want to put forward in the Senate that there is real equal marriage. There are still practical issues. And this issue will greatly affect children and young people.

Nayana said addressing the issue of protecting the rights of mixed-sex families was the “first priority”. But if it does not pass the vote, it is seen as an issue to be recorded as an observation to be proposed by the Senate. Read to make a law to amend the sections relating to father, mother and children under civil and commercial law affecting administration.

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“Leaving the words father, mother and child without touching them are gender neutral terms. This means that mixed-sex families are not protected. That is, different sexes can marry each other. But mixed-sex families are not protected by the code. And families adopting children will also have problems,” said the Electoral Commission.

“While the words father and mother still remain, there are no gender-neutral words. Because of this, families who adopt children are not safe… When these families are in public places like government areas, going to school, district offices, hospitals, they are called father and mother, they are not happy to call mixed gender families.”

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