Brief review with 5 questions: Is the vivo Y100 5G any good?

vivo Y100 5G, a smartphone in the smaller version of the Vivo series. Launched at just 9,999 baht, what are the good and bad things about this model? We have summarized them for you to read in this article.

What are the main features and advantages?

  1. The vivo Y100 5G highlights its selling points in terms of materials and assembly of the device. Use EcoFiber faux leather back cover with 3D printed pattern, beautifully crafted in both colors: purple leather with leather touch and crystal black with crystal-like surface pattern.
  2. Make the edge of the device a high-gloss metal, the same color as the back cover.
  3. Ultra Vision 120Hz FHD+ AMOLED display, vivid colors, 1800 nits high brightness
  4. Dual stereo speakers can increase the volume 300% higher than normal.
  5. IP54 waterproof, durable, long-lasting, and the battery is designed to last more than 4 years.
  6. A 5000 mAh battery supports an 80-watt FlashCharge fast charging system
  7. Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 5G era chipsets are produced with 4nm technology.
  8. 8GB RAM + 8GB RAM Saver increases smoothness further. By reducing RAM usage of applications running in the background.

What does the camera look like?

The vivo Y100 5G phone's camera is at a reasonable level for its price. An 8-megapixel front camera and a 50-megapixel triple rear camera work with an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera and the addition of a flash sensor to the lens to help capture the flicker of light sources.

The camera resolution isn't very high and there's no OIS image stabilization, but there are good in-vivo shooting functions and modes, so in terms of photography, this model isn't great as a selling point. But it is fun to use and quality is not a weak point of the model.

What are the disadvantages?

The drawbacks of the Vivo Y100 5G are not obvious when looking at the selling price. There may be just that smartphone that does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack on the device.

Durable, how long can it be used?

The Vivo brand is one of the few brands that clearly announces durability standards throughout the life of the device, and in the Vivo Y100 5G model there is a fairly stringent durability test before it is actually sold. They both test the different buttons of the device, and they test the different connection ports. Drop and bend testing including different cold and hot weather conditions in each area.

The battery still maintains more than 80% of its charge even after using it for up to 4 years, including the model announced by Vivo that provides an after-sales warranty of up to 2 years as well in terms of durability. Nothing to worry about. As for system updates, there has been no official announcement from Vivo about the number of years in which it will be updated.

Is it worth the price?

This is a smartphone in the sub-10,000 price range and it is clearly worth what you get. If you like or are interested, you can decide to buy it.

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