Sanphet Sur Salachip prepares to ban newcomer Nyong Ubon, Om MBK Day.

sanvit sp. Salaship“Sharpening all weapons to compete with new players is something worth paying attention to.”One Obon, Day Om MBK“An opportunity to compete for victory points and rewards to place on the undercard of the battle. One Lumpinee 63

sanvit sp. Salaship“A ferocious 24-year-old boxer from Nong Khai is on a two-fight winning streak, taking on an unusual newcomer.”One Obon, Day Om MBK“A well-armed 20-year-old right-handed boxer from Nakhon Ratchasima. Who carries confidence on the occasion of birth. They are ready to spar with their skills. According to the rules of Muay Thai, the limit weight (catch weight) is 130 pounds for the fight. One Lumpinee 63 The first game will begin on Friday, May 17 at 7:30 p.m.

Watch the ONE Lumpini clip March 22, 2024 Yodkritsada S. Sommai vs. Sanphet S. Salachip.

Sanphet vs Nueng Ubon

for “sanvit sp. SalashipHe debuted with his performance at ONE Lumpini Battle 56 on March 22. Beating the great Yodkritsada S. Sommai beautifully. This time, he intends to come back and show his performance in the second battle even better than before.

“In the fight against Piodkritsada, I was 80 percent satisfied with my performance, and seeing so many boxing fans on the field made me excited. As a result, he was still punching very nervously. You still have to learn to adapt to many things. But now I'm starting to “I feel more confident using the smaller gloves because I have experience before in this fight. I intend to finish my opponent quickly by adding extra weight to my weapons. I look at the opportunity to win the knockout for the bonus.”


Sanphet vs Yodkritsada

this time”sanvit sp. Salaship“You have a very difficult task dealing with this exciting newcomer.”One Obon, Day Om MBK“Who was at one time at the peak of his fitness, holding an undefeated record for almost two years, and whose two daughters were an important inspiration in his determination to fight. I want to continue to collect winning points.

“Nyong Ubon is a knee boxer with good form, tall and tall. His weak point is his slender body. It allows me to use heavy balls to attack better. In this fight, I planned for myself to have an approach and a retreat. Now I have two daughters. They make me want to “Fighting harder and being more disciplined, I am ready to carry out my duties to the fullest.”


“Nueng Ubon” is ready to go for everyone to remember.

side”One Obon, Day Om MBKThe Thailand 130-pound champion and Um Noi Boxing Stadium 130-pound champion previously stepped away from the ring nearly a year ago. Due to injury he recently returned to defeat Rust and win in one fight. Now he is fully prepared to make his debut in an even bigger competition than before.

“I've always aimed to fight on ONE Lumpini, and now the opportunity has come. I'm ready to do my job to the fullest. When I heard the news that I would be fighting on this show for the first time, I was very happy. I just had to adjust a lot to fight in a 3-round format and use Small gloves for the first time. I have been training for this fight for a whole month. There is a special focus on strengthening my punches and elbows. I want everyone to look forward to seeing my work on stage now. I am fully prepared for the fight.”


“Noeng Ubon” is not afraid to confront “Sanphet”

“With determination beyond his years.”One Obon, Day Om MBKDemonstrate a clear attitude of being able to handle pressure well. Ready to give his best level to fight with “sanvit sp. SalashipExpect to open with victory and win rewards. To open the opportunity to achieve dreams and advance to global competition.

“Sanvet is a boxer with a precise boxing style. There are many tricks that you have to be careful of. The weak point is the stomach. Which I was especially prepared to attack and attack him at that point. This is my first time fighting in this program and I stress not to be careless first. The fight is considered The opening is very important When you have the opportunity, you have to do your best Once you pass, you can slowly look to the next step If you get a reward, I want to save money and use it to build a house for my family in Korat.

Thai sports fans can book tickets to watch the stadium via THAI TICKET MAJOR. The first match starts at 7:30pm, watch the live stream on (some countries), Facebook and YouTube ONE (some countries) and on channel 7HD Press 35 (Thai language) starting at 8:30pm.

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