A huge asteroid was found hurtling across the world at a speed of 90,000 kilometers per hour

Excitingly, a huge asteroid equivalent to the Great Pyramid was found orbiting the Earth at a speed of 90,000 kilometers per hour.

Foreign websites reveal reports aboutUS National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) That asteroid is named “2024 JZ” Almost giant sizeThe Great Pyramid of Giza It is about 120 meters long and orbited Earth on May 9. At speeds of up to 56,000 miles per hour, or approximately 90,000 kilometers per hour. Up to 65 times faster than the speed of the projectile when fired.

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Even asteroid 2024 JZ has been provided It is a near-Earth object. But there is no need for Earthlings to take shelter in bunkers for fear of this asteroid colliding with Earth. Because the orbit of asteroid 2024 JZ is about 4.2 million kilometers away from Earth.

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side Dr Edward Plumer, chief astronomer at the Royal Greenwich Observatory He gave an interview about the story that happened. Today's flyby of asteroid 2024 JZ is our topic.Don't worry or worry.About this asteroid in any way


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but NASA He stated that near-Earth objects (NEOs) include comets and asteroids. Which is pushed into orbit due to the gravity of nearby planets, allowing it to enter the region near our world

byCometThey arise from extraplanetary formation. This is freezing. It consists mostly of ice with dust particles embedded in it.asteroidIt has its origins in our solar system. It is warmer and orbits between Mars and Jupiter


In addition, the asteroid has been classified as having a potentially dangerous close orbit. If these asteroids are located within a radius of about 4.65 million miles from Earth, and have a diameter greater than 140 meters.

Although the asteroid “2024 JZ” is located at a completely safe distance of 0.028 astronomical units from Earth, it is relatively close from an astronomical perspective.

A similar phenomenon had previously occurred, as NASA found an asteroid named 2024 BX1 (BX1), which was one meter in size, and it collided with the Earth before exploding over German airspace at the end of January 2024.

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