Salma Hayek’s sheer dress leaves Channing Tatum speechless

Salma Hayek shines in a transparent dress at the premiere of Magic Mike’s Last Dance. (Photo: Getty Images)

Salma Hayek Stole the show in Magic Mike’s Last Dance The premiere was on Wednesday night, where she wore a fully see-through dress.

The 56-year-old took the Miami heat seriously with her outfit choice, showing off black bodysuits under a black mesh dress with pretty floral embroidery. The star also wore golden high heels and gold accessories to accentuate the details.

Fans praised Hayek for the look

Hayek was praised by fans for his “perfect” look on the black carpet. (Photo: Getty Images)

Many have noted that Hayek looks like a beach cover-up with a bikini underneath, which would be appropriate for a premiere destination. The revealing nature of the outfit was also appropriate given the nature of the film.

“Do you know what my day was going to the office for?” the actress recently asked Entertainment tonight. “I would sit and watch, like, 12 guys, dancing semi-naked and spinning. And I had to turn them around.”

starring role in the movie Channing Tatum He also gave his partner props on Wednesday night.

“I have no comment on this situation,” he said. ET While he almost blushed, referring to Hayek’s appearance. The actual dress hangs itself.

Hayek posted a photo of herself and Tatum to Instagram in celebration of the night.

Naturally, commentators praised her good looks.

“Like a good wine that gets better with age,” one person wrote, while another commented, “[you] They both look perfect.”

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