Russia, Ukraine and Turkey meet in Turkey on Thursday

French President Emmanuel Macron observes a brief break in the war in Ukraine as his first candidate travels on Monday. On the same day, the Constituent Assembly announced that they would be the twelfth in the starting line on April 10th.

Candidate President will not go far: he is expected in the Paris region, in Boise, at the end of the afternoon “for a conversation with citizens”. His first trip since the formalization of his presidential candidacy last Thursday.

He is scheduled to receive local elected officials and supporters at his campaign headquarters in Paris on Monday, 34 days before the presidential election. Emmanuel Macron, who pioneered the purpose of voting in the first round and won the second round, is, according to opinion polls, embroiled in a war in Ukraine.

Interview with Putin

He spoke again with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, urging Moscow to “respect international humanitarian law, the protection of civilians and the provision of assistance” as long as the attack continues.

The president has warned that he will not be able to campaign as he pleases. But according to the chairman of LREM Stanislas Gurini, he will use “all the breaks” of the international agenda of “meeting the French”, which was strengthened by the crisis of the “big debate”. Yellow underwear “.

This is because the war in Ukraine is affecting the presidential election campaign. Brice Teinturier, a commentator at the LCI, noted that “Ukraine is attacking enthusiasm and falling into this political trap, all of which is fueling more interest in the presidential campaign.”

Twelve lawyers

Opponents of the outgoing president are forced to position themselves.

Faced with harsh criticism for his pro-Russian stance, LFI leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon told a rally in Lyon on Sunday that he had “stopped the war, stopped the invasion of Ukraine” and begged France not to “join.” It does not accept the world order in which “there will be NATO on one side and a Russian on the other” and the Chinese crowd on the other.

It was Mr. Environmentalist Yannick Jatotin was outraged when he attacked Mன்சlenchon’s “pleasure” and his “surrender” against Vladimir Putin.

Socialist Ann Hidalgo and Mr. Jadot called on Emmanuel Macron to “impose a total Russian withdrawal” and for Mr. to provide arms to the Ukrainians. Mellonson’s opposition has also been criticized.

The Inzumis candidate is the leader of the voting motives on the left. Eric Gemmore, who received support Sunday from Marion Le Pen, daughter-in-law of Marine Le Pen, is also working for his pro-Russian tropics.

This weekend, he got into trouble after Le Monde and the JDD revealed their contacts with Vladimir Yakun, the former chairman of the Russian Railways. His comments about welcoming Ukrainian refugees to Poland rather than to France caused a stir, including his entourage.

In all, as of 2017, there will be twelve candidates in the starting line-up for the first round on April 10, with the Constitutional Council verifying the sponsorship of far-left candidate Philippe Pouto.

Initial volumes, by official order announced Monday, were established by Lot: Natalie Arthur (LO), Fabian Russell (PCF), Emmanuel Macron (LREM), Jean Lasalle (opposition!), Marine Le Pen (RN), Eric Gemmore (restructuring)! , Jean-Luc Mலlenchon (LFI), Anne Hidalco (PS), Yannick Jodot (Ecologist), Valerie Beckress (LR), Philippe Pouto (NBA) and Nicholas Dupont-Aiken (DLF).

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