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11 H 2566, s – Ruark audio Heal Thanks Ruark audio 5 R1S, R2, R3S, MR1 R410, Ruark Audio – A passion for audio. Thank you

The most important thing in the world “ͧ Ruark Audio released O’Rourke in 2006 and “The R1” was released in 2006. It was done by Ruark Audio Ế§ʹ ͡ô䫹ѧ͡ѡɳTent 8sh蹴¤Simple ⷹ National

ƪṹ Rourke, audio sales manager “Ruark Audio was developed by Ruark Audio and was developed by Ruark Audio. The film was released by Ruark Audio and was released by Ruark Audio.

Ruark Audio was created 5 years ago

1) R1S ͡ô䫹shạ ͡ẺⷹੴẺ via uhạặAA ͧ˺ѧ§˹дѺ ͧѺ Wi-Fi Bluetooth öʵŧͺͻपѹѧŧ鹹ͧ Spotify, Deezer Amazon Music 6 months later, the R 1S and TFT models were released.

2) R2 ;

3) R3S Developed by STEREO+ and R5 Signature through R3S and Bluetooth 5.5.2 U Bluetooth

4) MR1 2013 к⾧ Bluetooth MR1 Ѻ¡ͧGemstones

5) 410 riyals It also supports Spotify, Tidal Connect, Apple Airplay 2 Chromecast, aptX HD Bluetooth, DAB, DAB+, FM, and FM.

8 RUARK AUDIO 8 R1S, R2, R3S, MR1 R410 Means Social Media 1Ἱõ͹ͿŹ͹Ź Ѻѹṹ鹹͡ ͷ dotlife, iStudio, Asavasopon, Central Department Store, Power Buy, Power Mall, Munkong Gadget


RUARK AUDIO available at R1S at 16,990, R2 MR1 at 20,990, R3S at 39,990 Section R410 at 67,900 (ѧн˹) · ᡡ ѺСѹ�ƹ 7 AM 2 * ẨѴ˹·͹ dotlife 繷5 ٹä繷Ŵ, 繷͹, ͤ͹, 繷 з Showroom Asavasopon Ṻ 4 繷 ͹, 繷Ż, 繷ʵ ˧ ö觫ͧͧ͹Ź

´ɡѺ Ruark Audio 䫵 еTCHѹshྨ࿫ Ruark Audio Thailand ͺ´ LINE Official: @KOAN

Day: 10/13/2023

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