End of lunch room condition for a good looking couple. He actually has the score of being an actor in the Y| series tvpoolonline.com

Well ladies, that’s another topic to follow. After information was revealed, the previous tenant of the room was shocked, as he piled up trash, urinated in bottles, and defecated on the edge of the toilet. It caused hundreds of thousands of pounds in losses. In fact, he has a degree in acting as well.

From the case where a TikTok user is the owner of the apartment. He posted a video to share the story. The beautiful woman who rented the room lost contact and when she opened the room she was shocked. Garbage piles up in the mountain, and there is almost no place to walk. It smelled strongly as if someone had died.

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The TV Pool news team has contacted us to request an interview. The owner of the said room make it known that the tenant of this room has obtained a room rental by contacting through an agency. But after about three months, there was a delay in paying the room fee, so he asked for permission to inspect the room because he was not sure whether the contract was still up for renewal or not. Until meeting the room renter I am a teenage girl who studies in a private school, good-looking and sweet-speaking.

She found a handsome man, who was supposedly the young woman’s boyfriend, sitting in the room smoking an e-cigarette. Then he asked to go out to smoke and saw that there was a pile of rubbish, so he asked the tenant to take care of cleaning the room properly.

The owner of the room provided additional information that the couple were young, good-looking, even very good-looking, half-breed men, and he offered to pay the rent for the room from now on to his girlfriend. The room owner agreed to that.

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But throughout the year that this tenant rented the room, he never paid the rent on time. They also violated building regulations until the apartment’s forensic department had to come and inform them that the tenant of this room had brought a cat as a pet. It smells bad and makes noise to the neighbors. Therefore, the owner of the room asked to quickly remove the cat from the room, otherwise there would be a fine according to the rules of the apartment. And Asking Your Tenant to Move Out Too Are you tired of having to ask for rent every month? The tenant promised to move out within the agreed upon period, but when the deadline came, he evaded this many times until recently he was unable to contact him.

The room owner decided to open the door to take a look. I found the room was very dirty. All the furniture is damaged. The mattress had to be bought new, the couch had to be bought new, and the TV and refrigerator were broken. Room status cannot be viewed. Smell of putrid odor, trash all over the room, bathroom, and toilet bowl full of feces. If it’s not a lot, it’s understandable. But this one was so full of feces that it overflowed. It’s like having a bowel movement and not paying for it. Because the water supply has likely been cut off for more than 5 months.

According to the report, it turns out that the friend renting this room is also an actor from the Y series.

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