Rishi Sunak pledged £50m to boost air defences

G7 worries about rise of “hybrid threats”.

G7 interior ministers said they were committed to tackling the “hybrid threats” to security raised by the war in Ukraine, be it the risk of damage to critical infrastructure or the manipulation of information. Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine “has had a significant impact on the internal security of the G7 countries, according to the final declaration adopted by the interior ministers of the Group of Seven nations meeting at an abbey in remote Eldwil (West). From Frankfurt.

The meeting took place the same week that a missile landed on Polish territory that killed two, a fresh example of the war’s wider repercussions. Conflicts have escalated with what the G7 calls “hybrid threats” from “state and non-state actors” aimed at sowing “insecurity” and “divisions” among “allies and allies in the international community.”

The threats are particularly aimed at critical infrastructure that “needs to be protected,” the G7 writes, referring to the alleged sabotage of Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea at the end of September. Therefore, establishing partnerships at national and international levels, including with the private sector, seems “critical.” According to the announcement, information manipulation is “a growing challenge for democratic societies, governments and organizations around the world.” But, “Putin will not win!” in a press conference. During, the host of the summit, German Interior Minister Nancy Pfizer, was beaten.

“Let’s counter lies with facts. We will encourage cooperation in monitoring disinformation networks,” he added. Citing as an example the progress France has made in terms of fact-checking with civil society, the minister firmly declared that she wanted to “work very closely and in a network” on this matter. They also warned of new threats that could arise from the presence of foreign fighters in Ukraine and the circulation of weapons in the region.

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A “small number” of volunteer fighters in Ukraine “could pose a greater threat upon return,” they said. G7 ministers pledged to work closely with Ukraine on a “rigorous arms control regime” to curb the illegal trade in firearms and ammunition. The Group of Seven industrialized nations include Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Canada, and the United States.

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