Ring finally debuts its in-car security camera

Back in 2020, Ring announced the release of Security camera for your car that connect to the company’s broader home security system. Now, shortly after its planned 2021 release date, Ring is unlocking Car camera pre-orders, the newest member of the security family. The unit is quite small, but it juts up and out on a dash-mounted cantilever arm to give it the desired height.

There are two cameras, one to monitor the interior, and the other facing the front window to catch any insurance-worthy accidents. If you startle the system’s sensors, it will play a recording, alerting you via the Ring app to show you what’s going on. Like almost every other Ring device, there’s a microphone and speaker, allowing you to see (and communicate) any unwanted visitors lurking in your car.

In addition, the Car Cam will automatically start recording if you say “Alexa, record,” and it’s designed to take snapshots of traffic stops. (Which, when you think about it, speaks volumes about how small the company is even with Close relationships with law enforcement Think about the safety of what happens when traffic stops.) The device is powered from the car battery, connected via an OBD-II port, and will use WiFi to communicate unless you choose LTE by paying for a Ring Protect Go subscription.

Ring added that, like its other products, you’ll have the option to activate end-to-end encryption, and it won’t activate recording unless it’s turned on. She added that the privacy shutter will enable you to block the internal camera and microphone when closed. It’ll be available for pre-order starting today, and shipping is expected to start in February, but there’s a great incentive to get your money’s worth on a keg now and not wait for the retail launch. car camera It will retail for $250, but pre-order customers can buy theirs for $250. $ 200 —while a Protect Go subscription will set you back $60 annually or $6 monthly.

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