Review of the qualifying round for the 2026 World Cup (Live broadcast channel)

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Football Analysis: Thailand VS Singapore

Standby state Thailand national team

In the last match, the Thai team tied with China 1-1, ranking third in the group with 5 points from 5 matches, 3 points behind second-placed China. The conditions for the War Elephants to enter the next round are to beat Singapore in one place and try to score a goal to get the most with the hope of invading China and losing to South Korea, which will make Thailand and China have the same 8 points and they must determine their fate to qualify for the next round on goal difference. .

Preparing for this match Coach Masatada Ishii has no problems with injured players. It makes it possible to have the ability to choose from them to use them to the fullest. We have to guess whether or not Ishii will still use the same attacking line from the last match after Subachuk Sarachat, Supachai Deded and Suvanath Muinta played well together in the match against China. Or will they use veteran players like Chanathip Songkrasin and Tirasil Dangda, who did not take the field in the previous match?

While he is in defence, there is a possibility that Elias Dolo will be sent in place of Kritsada Kaman to handle the aerial balls for Singapore, and the remaining key men are expected to remain in the original group, led by Terathon Ponmathan, Suphan Thong Song and Weerathip Pomphan. Sarach Yuen

Standby state Singapore national team

Singapore has no chance of advancing to the next round for sure. After collecting just one point from their last 5 games, the last game being a 7-0 defeat at home to South Korea, leaving fans across the Channel fuming with smoke billowing from their ears. He even went on to post harsh criticism of the work of the Football Association of Singapore on social media.

As they prepare to conquer Thailand in this game, Singapore will have Jakob Mahler, a half-Singapore-Danish star player. After the ban was lifted, he returned to help the team. But PG Bathum defender Irfan Fandi's injury remains to be confirmed while the rest of the players prepare to play, which is expected to be Japanese coach Tsutomu Okura. Preparing to adjust some positions from the match that was lost to South Korea. But the core of the team must use the same group, and the defense is led by Safwan Baharoudin, the veteran centre-back. Settlement with Lionel Tan

In the midfield, “Captain” Haris Haroun controls the course of the game alongside Shah Shahiran, while the attacking line puts hope in Glenn Kueh, the hot winger, and striker Ikhsan Fandi, striker of PJ Bathum United. There is also another option available, Ilhan Fandi, who plays with Dinzi in the Belgian second division.

List of players expected to take the field

Thai team: Patiwat Khamai (goalkeeper), Sophanan Borirat, Elias Dolo, Sophan Thong Song, Therathun Boonmathan, Weerathip Pomphan, Sarach Yuen, Subachuk Sarachat, Supachai Jeded, Chanathip Songkrasin, Sophanat Muinta.

Singapore national team: Hassan Al-Sunni (Goalkeeper), Christopher van Huizen, Lionel Tan, Safwan Baharoudin, Harris Stewart, Rehan Stewart, Glenn Koeh, Shah Shahiran, Hami Siaheen, Harris Haroun, Ikhsan Fandi.

Model from the last 5 matches

Thailand national team

  • 06/24/24 China tied 1-1 (away) in World Cup qualifiers
  • 03/26/24 Lost to South Korea 0-3 (at home) in the World Cup qualifiers
  • 03/21/24 South Korea tied 1-1 (away) in World Cup qualifiers
  • 01/30/24 Lost to Uzbekistan 1-2 (neutral stadium) in the Asian Cup
  • 01/25/24 Draw with Saudi Arabia 0-0 (neutral field) Asian Cup

Singapore national team

  • 06/06/24 Lost to South Korea 0-7 (home) in World Cup qualifiers
  • 03/26/24 Lost to Singapore 1-4 (away) in World Cup qualifiers
  • 03/21/24 China tied 2-2 (at home) World Cup qualifiers
  • 11/21/23 Lost to Thailand 1-3 (home) in World Cup qualifiers
  • 11/16/23 Lost to South Korea 0-5 (away) in the World Cup qualifiers

Results of the last 5 meetings

  • November 21, 2023 Singapore 1-3 Thailand (World Cup qualifiers)
  • 12/18/21 Thailand 2-0 Singapore 2-0 (ASEAN Championship)
  • 11/25/18 Thailand 3-0 Singapore 3-0 (ASEAN Championship)
  • 11/22/16 Thailand 1-0 Singapore 1-0 (ASEAN Championship)
  • 03/26/15 Thailand 2-0 Singapore 2-0 (Friendly)


The Thai team is superior to everything. Including the form of play and standards of the team and the host team, including the results of their recent meetings, in which the “War Elephants” defeated Singapore throughout the last 7 meetings.

The most important thing is determination, and I think the Thai players definitely have more of it. Because it is necessary to overcome them to have a chance to qualify for the next round, unlike Singapore, which entered the field only according to the program. Because there is no longer a chance.

In this game, it is expected that Thailand will open the game and attack continuously. To score as many goals as possible If the first ball comes quickly, the next balls are likely to follow easily. The stronger the team is at the moment, the more Ishii has a full attacking line, including Subachuk, Sovanat and Supachai, as well as Chanathip and Tirasil who are ready to fight as well. In the end, it is believed that the Warlord War Elephants should be able to easily win over the Lod Chong players. Just wondering how much – how little you can shoot.

Expected result

Thailand national team 3-0 Singapore national team

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