Girl out half a hundred grand cost of pre-wedding photography. I have been married for 7 years and just found out that we were tricked into taking pictures in the cemetery.

The girl was shocked. I just discovered that the location of my pre-wedding photoshoot 7 years ago was actually a cemetery. He spent half a hundred thousand for this set of photos. It's over, good memories.

CTWANT reported that the Chinese travel blogger went to visit various tourist attractions in the city of Tolvan. In the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, unexpectedly, the strange architecture he photographed would come and reveal that it was actually a local cemetery.

It turned out to be a funny moment for this blogger. Revealing the truth to a young woman. That's when she discovered that the cemetery the blogger photographed was actually the same place where she spent 10,000 yuan (about 51,000 baht) to get pre-wedding photos seven years ago.

This is due to the unique style of architecture and the skill of the photographer. It makes this collection of wedding photos so beautifully captured. She really likes this set of photos. I have admired him for many years. But now that I know that the place in the picture is a cemetery. Make it feel complicated

This woman said that the organizer was the one who took care of the wedding photos. Several places appeared near the scenic area of ​​Flaming Mountain for her and her lover to visit and take photos. She chose to take pictures in the aforementioned building because it had a strange and unexpected beauty, and after many years, he discovered that it was a cemetery. Makes you feel like you've been scammed.

After this incident was revealed, it sparked controversy in the internet world. Many netizens commented on the organizer, such as “It's so evil, why do you have to lie?” and “This photo studio is really bad?”

But there are still many netizens who see the matter from a different perspective. Pointing out that although the background in the wedding photo is a cemetery, the photos that came out looked very beautiful. “Don't talk about cheating or not. This set of pre-wedding photos turned out really well” and “It suits the theme well. Marriage is the grave of love.”

Other netizens pointed out, “It's actually not bad at all. Angkor Wat and the Taj Mahal are actually shrines too. But there are still a lot of people heading out to take pictures.”

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