Review of the Korean series Semantic Error, a very cute couple, less is more.

Sweetness level: Coffee with sugar increases the risk of diabetes. Repeat! Just take a risk.

Semantic error in string or 시 맨 틱 에러 Let’s be honest, we don’t like this kind of competition. Maybe because I’m bored because there are so many dramas like this. Because I said at the beginning that I like this kind of competition. But because of this story, I loved it again. In the future, I will have to find more dramas like this to watch. It’s fun.

It’s another matter where we feel that less is more. “There aren’t any heavy scenes for NC. I should have said this before, but the hugging and kissing are really fun. The acting is good, like hugging and holding your head so you can hear your heartbeat is nice. Playing with the audience’s emotions secretly, whether they kiss or not, they’re playing On the language of lovers. But we cheer. “It’s like the guests at a wedding cheering on the entrants. Haha. When I called the seniors, I gave them a message that Jang Jae Young was really happy.


Cho Sangwoo, a person with a computer-like thinking system where wrong is wrong, and right is right, meets a group of people who refuse to work as a group. So let’s teach each other a little. Group segment name not working. There are no points left in the list of names. People who were close to the end like Jang Jae Young who didn’t make it to the end because of Cho Sang Woo wouldn’t accept it, they teased Cho Sang Woo, but it was a joke that felt like… Teasing the person you like a lotIn conclusion, they are good together. Let’s see how we can join hands to create games together.

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