Revealing the history of “Khun Luang Tai Sa”, the Thai King Rama 30 of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, “The Party of Destiny”

drama Saucepan A sequel to the drama New Year’s Eve Bringing the viewers back to Ayutthaya again and of course, apart from the stories in the drama being fun and interesting to follow. There are still important characters in the story who actually existed in the history of Ayutthaya. Go out and let the audience know. Even the desire to revive historical knowledge during the Krungsri period in those days, in the other direction

One of the important figures that actually existed in history in drama. Saucepan It will play an important role regarding politics in dramas like Somdet Phra Theinang Tai Sa or Somdet Phra Sanphet IX or King Phuminthracha or King Banyong Rattanasana played before Great Warintorn Panhakarn A very talented young actor takes on this prestigious role. In the role of character Khun Luang Tai Sa or Chaova Phet He was the thirtieth king of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. He was the third king of the Ban Phlu Luang dynasty. The last dynasty of the Ayutthaya Kingdom ruled from 1708 to 1732.

Khun Luang Tai Sa

Khun Luang Tai Sa or Chaova Phet

Somdej Phra Thenang at the end of the pond or Prince Fit He is the eldest son of His Majesty King Suryandrathibodhi (Somdet Phra Sanphet VIII or Luang Surasak) and Empress Dowager Princess Vanuasa. There were two brothers and two sisters with the Queen Mother, namely Prince Phun (King Burumakot or King Maha Thammaragathirath II) and an unknown princess.

His Majesty was born from his father. (Phra Chao Suya) was a nobleman in the position of Luang Surasak during the reign of King Narai. After his grandfather (Phra Phet Racha) ascended the throne and appointed King Soa as Chrome Phra Rajawang Buon Sathan Mongkol (Wang Na), His Majesty the King of Tay Sa became royal. His name is Sorintakumarn, which is the origin of Somdet Phra Thenang at the end of the pond. It comes from the name Phra Thinang Banyungratanas. Which he made his headquarters next to the pond at the end of the palace

A prominent position of the era in the field of foreign affairs was sent as an ambassador to develop friendly relations with China. This increased trade between Siam and China. During the reign of Khun Luang Tai Sa and in China, there was famine and famine in Guangdong and Fujian. Makes you have to order rice from Thailand. There was more trade until Thailand and China became a distinct relationship.

When his father died in 1708, he ascended the throne. To honor the name King Phuminthracha and with proximity and harmony, he appoints Chaova Phone (played by Dinkun Njamant), his younger brother, as Krom Phra Rajawang Boun Sathan Mongkul. He is like an heir who will inherit the throne. Which is located in Somdet Phra Thenang at the end of the pond. He had three sons: Prince Narendra (Krom Khun Sorintonpitak), Prince Abhay, Prince Pramit

That era was considered the era of quiet and peaceful homes. Although there were external battles, there was no internal war, but after the end of King Tai Sa’s reign, Chaova Aphai, the son of King Tai Sa, claimed his right to the throne. Prince Pramit fought with Prince Phun, the younger brother of King Tay Sa and Wang Na. Prince Abhaya’s uncle and Prince Parameet A fight broke out between the uncle and his nephew Wang Na and Wang Luang. The final result was Wangna’s victory. He became a king named King Porumakot. He completely wiped out the Chao Fa Aphai faction until he was completely lacking in manpower and was one of the reasons for the weakness of Ayutthaya.

This war turned into a long and violent internal civil war. It was the beginning of many civil wars. Until it led to the second loss of Ayutthaya.

Prince Fit

Chuvah Viet Chuvahphone

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