Revealing the history of DJ Komin who fell from a building and died. Quality people in the industry awards that ensure abundant talent |

Revealing the history of DJ Komin who fell from a building and died. Quality people in the industry awards ensure abundant talent

After hearing the news of the death of Mr. Triwangkitratanakul, 36 years old, or DJ Ko, 106.5 Green Wave, the cause of death was a blow that fell from a high-rise hotel in the Sukhumvit area.

To date, Mr Trinh Ruangkitrathanakul is a radio presenter born on January 30, who has won the awards she has been nominated for. There is the National Suphannahong Film Award for Best Lead Actor, and there is also the Nataraja Award for Organizer of Excellent Music and Entertainment Programs Radio Type

DJCO is known for its popular banking advertisements. He once won the Most Deserving Bachelor of 2010 award from the Cleo 2010 results ceremony. He was a dream bachelor in 2010.

Performance work He acted in the film “Ordinary Love Story” in 2012 directed by DJ Ko Nominated 22nd Suphannahong National Film Awards, Best Actor category

DJ Ko’s radio work earned him the Nataraja Award. Best Music and Entertainment Radio Program Organizer of the Year 2020. In addition to his work as a DJ, he is also a presenter of many programs and events.

Family Life DJ Ko married his girlfriend outside the industry in 2019 and has a two-year-old son.

DJ Ko passed away at the age of 36. Years after he fell from a popular hotel in the Sukhumvit area on November 17, 2023

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