Results of weighing and measuring body water levels in the ONE Lumpini 43 “Kong Suek vs Phet Thonglor”

Welcome the last month of the year with the most popular and highest-rated martial arts competition in the country, ONE Lumpini 43, broadcast live from Lumpini Arena (Ramindra) on Friday, December 1, packed with the best skills, ready to battle with each other, a total of 12 pairs.

Leading the procession with the main event is Kong Sweak Vertex, a 23-year-old left-handed boxer from Ya Mo Korat. Recently, his form faltered and he lost to “Det Duang Lek Teed 99” and he got the opportunity to come back and fight for points in the third fight against “Petch Thonglor Sit Luang Phi Nam Fon”, a ferocious left-handed boxer. The same 23 year old from Buriram who died had two fights and still had not lost to anyone. They are both willing to trade weapons in the Muay Thai rules, flyweight (125-135 lbs).

Kongsuk vs Phet Thonglor

As for the international main event, it is Aslamjon Ortikov, a 20-year-old rising star boxer from Uzbekistan. I would like to open a strong face-off against Chat Anan S.J. Joyprashin, a 20-year-old boxer with good boxing skills, both teams are unbeaten since their first two matches, hoping to compete for a chance to extend their unbeaten record. Register as well.can They will trade heavy weapons against each other in Muay Thai rules, with a catch weight of 129 lbs.

Aslamjon vs Chatanan

For athletes who will fight at One Lumpinee, everyone must pass a hydration test, be weighed, and undergo a health screening. According to the standard criteria set by considering the health and safety of athletes as number one. If the water level is not weighed and measured, there will be negotiations to agree on compensation for the weight. So the competition continues

The weight results for the ONE Lumpini 43 players are as follows:


Basic match: Muay Thai
Flyweight (125-135 lbs)

  • The Kongsuk Fairtex weighed 134.6 lbs.
  • Viet Thonglor, a student of Luang Phi Namphun, weighed 134.6 pounds.

Second match: Muay Thai
Flyweight (125-135 lbs)

  • Kongthani S. Sommai’s weight was 135.0 lbs.
  • Parsa Aminpour weighed 134.0 lbs.

Thai boxing
Catch weight 139 lbs.

  • Sepsen pigeon, 11 km, weighed 138.6 lbs.
  • Qasimba’s prize weight was 138.6 pounds.

Thai boxing
Atomic Weight Division (105 – 115 lbs)

  • Lucky Magjandi weighed 114.2 lbs.
  • Yousef Qadir weighed 113.6 pounds.

Thai boxing
Catch weight 124 lbs.

  • Kaoklai Chor.Hapayak weighed 123.6 lbs.
  • Jomjai, a gym fighter, weighed in at 123.6 pounds.

Thai boxing
Catch weight 122 lbs.

  • The BMW Fairtex weighs 121.0 lbs.
  • Phet Nam Khong Mongkol Phet weighs 120.8 pounds.

Thai boxing
Catch weight 129 lbs.

  • Aslamjon Ortikov weighed 128.0 lbs.
  • Chattanant SJ Joey Brachin weighed 128.6 lbs.

Thai boxing
Lightweight (155 – 170 lbs)

  • Win until PK Saenchai reaches 168.6 lbs.
  • Mustafa Al-Takhriti’s weight was 169.0 pounds.
4_OL43_Faceoff_Ramboong Yibo

Thai boxing
Catch weight 126 lbs.

  • Rampong S. Therapat’s weight was 125.2 pounds.
  • Ji Tua Yee Pu’s weight was 126.0 lbs.

Mixed combat
Featherweight (145 – 155 lbs)

  • Carlos Alvarez’s weight was 154.4 pounds.
  • Nakin Saat’s weight was 154.6 pounds.

Mixed combat
Strawweight Division (115 – 125 lbs)

  • Ryosuke Honda’s weight was 124.0 lbs.
  • Dave Bangkwiecki’s weight was 124.6 pounds.

Mixed combat
Strawweight Division (115 – 125 lbs)

  • Vine Mesquita weighed 124.2 pounds.
  • Bakhtaigul Kermanbegova’s weight was 124.4 pounds.
231201 BKK OL43 BOT CARD W

ONE Lumpini 43 will be broadcast live from Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra) on Friday, December 1. Fans of Thai martial arts can book tickets to enter the stadium via Home Thai tickets The first match starts at 7:30 pm, and can be watched on various channels as follows:

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