Anyway, mom! Beauty queen fans shocked: Irfan Fendi and Antonia’s friend deleted all IG photos plus secretly sad post |

Anyway, mom! Beauty queen fans were shocked: A friend of “Irfan Fendi” and “Antonia” deleted all their IG photos as well as a secretly sad post.

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It made fans very worried. When someone with good eyes goes to look at Instagram, young man.”Irfan Fandi“dear”Antonia Bosio, first runner-up for Miss Universe 2023 Delete all photos Only photos remain of you playing football while wearing the red shirt.

In addition to deleting your personal photo. It put up an IG story with a black background and is also in the form of “offline” text.

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Which made many people wonder what happened. Ready to call their relationship

“There’s a fan club for the fictional couple. Are you here to cause trouble?”

“I hope you both still love each other.

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“Maybe I don’t want to use social media. Because I encounter more annoying people.

“Anne, don’t you have time?”

but They both still follow each other on Instagram like before.

Now Antonia is still working normally.

By this morning I traveled to appear on the Morning Story program preparing to show signs of serious embarrassment after being provoked by the popular news anchor “Sorrayut Sorayuth Suthatanachinda” who asked him if he liked the young hero “Nai Naphat” to which Ann admitted that I am happy with this young man.

What is the reason for this action? I hope that their love will not have any problems.

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