Rerun of “One Night Husband” achieves 4.7 ratings, and “Euro” thanks drama fans Happy, love is strong.

Monday, January 29, 2024 at 6:00 am

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Chammong pleases Yu Pink's fans with happiness in the drama. A rerun of “One Night Husband,” the final episode still holding up, finished with a 15+ rating nationwide, earning a solid 4.7 and a 4+ rating nationwide, 4.5. Young hero Yuro-Yoswat is the opening act. I am grateful to the drama fans.

“I want to thank all the fans of the drama so much. Including the fans, my fans and Upink's fans, who still come back to watch the drama. Throughout the period that the drama has been back on air I have seen the comments. I have seen everyone's reactions as they gather to watch the drama. There is talk of sharing Pictures. Sharing different stories on social media is a really good feeling. Yes this drama there are a lot of memories with me. Since the first time the drama was aired, you fans have been very welcoming. Today I came back to rerun it. It is still receiving very good response as it is Always. I want to thank everyone for their love for each other, and I also want to thank Mongkoldee Productions. Thank you to the organizer and director P.Tel (Tawan Charuchinda) once again. For me, Kasa's character is another character that I love. Like a character that I think will stay in the memory of every drama lover After that. I want everyone to wait and watch my new work. They are the drama Fai Namkang in which I acted with Mukda (Mukda Narinrak), and the drama Khon Kla Tha Chon with Jenny (Chaisara Wattana Nawin). They are two dramas in two genres that I believe will create happiness. Definitely for everyone ” Don't miss watching the new drama. “Sapai Import” is re-shown every Monday to Thursday at 9:40 PM on Channel 7HD. Watch 35 live TV online BUGABOO.TV and online channels Ch7HD (Facebook, IG, TikTok, X, YouTube) / Ch7HD Drama Society (Facebook, IG, TikTok) and website

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