Report: Baker Mayfield ‘Not the Only Man’ on Panthers List

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It is not a pre-drawn smoke draft. Cheetahs are already interested At Brown’s Quarterback Baker Mayfield. A source in the league confirmed that the Panthers are exploring the possibility of a deal.

But he may not be the only one they are targeting.

Joseph Pearson of reports that Mayfield is “among the . . . options for the Panthers, and that”He’s not the only guy on the list. “

No other names are listed. With seasoned quarterbacks gone, options are currently limited. 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo It is still available in trade, and with a payout package of over $25 million. Beyond that, they become the biggest names Nick FolesAnd Ryan Fitzpatrickor maybe even Jared Goff, if lions are interested in moving forward. The leopards can also return Cam Newtonwho will sell tickets even if his winning days are over at a steady pace.

Mayfid’s fully guaranteed salary of $18.8 million still looms large on the position’s horizon. How much will Brown pay? How much will the next team pay?

These are two important questions that need to be answered before making any trade.

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