Relatives gathered in front of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Hostage Safety Request: PPTVHD36

Since yesterday (October 28) in front of the headquarters of the Israeli Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv. It was filled with relatives and families of hostages captured by Hamas activists. Calling on Israel to do everything in its power to rescue the hostages in Gaza;

But the intensified Israeli attacks on Gaza raised families’ fears that their loved ones would be injured by Israeli tank bullets and aerial bombs. Or was it attacked by Hamas?

Israel occupied the northern Gaza Strip. After raising the ground attack level

Hamas declares its readiness to fight with full force after Israel expands its ground operations

Israel attacks 150 underground targets, killing Hamas air commanders

It also raises a more important question: Has the Israeli government lost all hope of negotiating his release? What is the military strategy to get Hamas to release the hostages? Do you have any strategies?

Israel reported that Hamas is currently holding 229 hostages, more than half of whom are foreigners. But all the time since the war between Israel and Hamas began. There was no clear action on the part of Israel regarding the rescue of the hostages.

“Is there a plan? “We don’t know,” said Haim Rubinstein, spokesman for the Forum for Families of Hostages and Missing Persons, a group to support hostages and their families. That’s what we want to know.”

“We also want to know the meaning of what happened last night,” Rubinstein said. He refers to the ground attack launched by the Israeli army on Gaza. Bombs were dropped on 150 Hamas underground targets, including tunnels that may have been holding some hostages.

The family threatened to start a street protest to highlight their desperation. Pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree to meet with them on Saturday evening. He hastily arranged a meeting with the families of the hostages.

But Netanyahu did not commit to any agreement, telling the families: “We will use all means to return them to their homeland.” It is not clear what reassurances Netanyahu can provide. Because he doesn’t seem to have any plans to negotiate a prisoner exchange. Or stop the attack, which Hamas said was one of the conditions for his release.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said: “We are attacking above ground and underground. We attack terrorist operations at all levels and in every place. The army’s orders are clear. “Offensive operations will continue until further orders are issued.”

Gallant said that as well and this increases the military pressure. Add more photography and to what extent can Hamas attack? “The more likely you are to persuade Hamas to agree to a solution that will help bring your loved ones back.”

But that was a very ominous statement for the hostages’ families. Especially after last week, Hamas says that about 50 hostages were killed in the Israeli attack.

Furthermore, the hostage’s family said that they have almost no contact with the government.

“We don’t know anything about what happened to them,” said Inbal Zak, 38, whose cousin was kidnapped from the Biri farming community near Gaza along with six other family members. We do not know whether they were shot or not. Is there a doctor? “Is there food?… We are very worried about them.”

“The hostages have not been released,” said Seif Sherman, whose 19-year-old grandson, Ron Sherman, was kidnapped in a Hamas attack on October 7. “They are in danger.”

He also said that on that day the government abandoned the Israelis living near Gaza. Now she risks abandoning the captured survivors.

Shelly, 62, who protested in front of the Russian Defense Ministry, said: “The government owes us a debt after failing to protect us.” We should focus on the hostages. We didn’t eat or sleep until we got them home. The hostages must come first. “There is always time for war.”

As for Ayelet Samerano, whose son was arrested, she trembled as she spoke, “My little son was carried away by animals. They kill children in front of their parents. They kill parents in front of their children.”

The Israeli government accused them of leaving the hostages’ relatives in an information vacuum. Instead, he expressed confidence in his decision to attack Gaza.

Hamas has said in the past that Israel must release thousands of Palestinian prisoners from its prisons. For and against the freedom of hostages

Yahya Sinwar, Hamas leader in Gaza, said: “We are ready to immediately implement the prisoner exchange agreement.” This includes the release of all Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons. For all the hostages we took.”

Thousands of Palestinians are detained in 19 prisons in Israel and one prison in the West Bank.

In the meeting, some families told Netanyahu that taking a tough stance with Hamas is logical. But another group says they support a full prisoner exchange. It agreed to an agreement with Hamas

Milrav Gonen, whose daughter was one of the hostages, said: “With regard to the family, an agreement to exchange members of our family for prisoners within the framework of ‘Everyone, Everyone’ is possible. It will have broad support.”

“Take them away,” said Ifat Calderon, whose cousin is being held hostage. “We don’t need them here. We want the families and all the hostages to go home. They are citizens, they are not soldiers.”

Compiled from Al Jazeera / Watchman

Photography: Ahmed Al-Gharbally/Agence France-Presse

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