Phet Nong Noey focuses on skill to defeat Phet Mongkol Sanook in the main event of Muay Thai 7HD.

Muay Thai Fight 7HD at Channel 7 Boxing Stadium, Sunday, October 29, 2023, Main Bout, Viet Nong Noi, Nok Khao KM 11, meets Viet Mongkol, Huai Tom Sports Center, 118 pounds, open classification, Viet Mongkol Tour 11-8 Referee Somkid blocks Don, forgetting about his relatives. In the first round, Petchmongkul immediately moved towards him, kicking forward. Viet Nong Nui punched in defense and had a counter-attack throughout. The match was not in a rush. Viet Mongkol focused on kicking and puncturing the rubber. Viet Nong Nui is back. End of tour. Viet Mongkol made it 2-1. .

In the second round, Viet Mongkol continued to focus on his attacking game, hitting the ball straight down the stretch. Phet Nong Noey has a strong response as well. Photo of a very close game Phetmongkol began to speed up the bout, alternating his punches, but Phet Nong Noey blocked every punch. Viet punched Nong Noi in the defensive match and then came out to the side with an extra elbow, and the round ended with Viet Mongkol winning 4-1.

In the third round, Petchmongkhonyang continued to open the game, puncturing the rubber, and fought Petch Nong Noey, who also confirmed the puncture of the rubber. Viet Nong Nui gets a kick in the throat, but it’s not enough. Phetmongkol hurriedly walked over and made his way through his legs. Phet Nong Noey’s rhythm is more superficial. He sprays his right leg and spins out. Viet Mongkol punches the bottom again and trades punches. Before catching up with him, I was still not good at hitting him. Viet Nong Nyuan threw a series of long right shots but the elbows were inaccurate, and the round ended with Viet Mongkol winning 5-1.

Round 4: In this round, Viet Nong Noi did not run away and put her foot in the fight with Viet Mongkol. It is better? Who is there? Phetmongkol focuses on his punches, can hit hard, and gets hard shots. Before getting caught in a knee fight Phet Nong Noey punches the outside circle, there’s a knee trap, and he does that and spins to the side. Before there was an elbow strike against Phet Mongkol Phet Nong Noey’s legs have improved. Phetmongkol continued to chase and punch before catching him in a knee fight. Phet Nong Noey also trades punches and elbows. Knock out Petchmongkol from getting close to him, the price is tied to Petch Nong Noey.

In the final round, Chingdam Phetmongkol didn’t hesitate as the young woman punched and punched, alternating between crossing her legs and walking to squeeze and pressure Phet Nong Noey all the while. Phet Nong Noey in the defensive game punches, kicks and blocks. Viet Mongkol walked but did not continue. Meanwhile, Viet Nong Noi could not retreat and was confident of victory, just like Viet Mongkol. Although there was still a lot of time left, Pich Nong Noi won 2-1.

The results of the other doubles are as follows: Thean Ngam Pilot Spyon won on points over Vietnum FA Group, Vietnong Pichmwaitaegim won on points over Butthe Namnami 77, and Songbayak Bomdeksian lost on points to Petcharit Nokhaukum 11.

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