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Regé-Jean Page opened up about the moment he knew in his life Bridgerton It changed things for him, as he was described as “the most handsome guy in the world” and had “the best ass of my life” during filming. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

The actor pauses The Late Show with Stephen Colbert For the first time on Tuesday, he was greeted with extended applause and cheers that made him jokingly wonder if the host had hired the audience.

Colbert noted that people still remember him “very fondly” from the first season Bridgerton – “Multiple parts of a season of you” – before you ask him when he learns his career has changed as a result of the Netflix series.

Page explained that there were a few moments when it hit him, but there was one moment in particular that he remembered when he arrived in Belfast to film it. Dungeons and Dragons A few months after the release of the steamy drama.

“I remember landing in Northern Ireland,” he recounted. “I got in the car, I rode from the airport, the driver turned on the radio, and they were running a contest to find me. They were like, ‘Reggie Jean Page is in town, call us if you know where he is.’ So, I kind of hid in the motel for two to three months. I just basically never left my room. So, it’s a mixed blessing, like, “You’re loved and you give me lots and lots of attention” and “You’re loved and you give me lots and lots of attention.”

the Bridgerton The alum said some people found it, but Belfast people are very kind and receptive, so they didn’t sneak pictures. Instead, they would rush over to him and enthusiastically welcome him to the area.

“It was a very strange reflection,” he told the host. “The set was like the extraordinary place. Like if I would go to a set, and that would be the place where dreams happen, and everything was weird, and I would have to play Hollywood, and then you go home, you sit in coffee shops, and life is normal.”

He continued: “After Bridgerton, the set was where people treated me normally, and I just went to work, and kind of interacted with my co-workers, and the audience became a performance venue because that’s where my obsessions took place all day. It was a very strange inversion, and I’m still kind of learning how to navigate a kind of tenderness because you want to meet people, you want to share in the joy that you give people. That’s why you’re doing this job.”

the Dungeons and Dragons The star said he likes to pause for a moment before leaving his place to take a breath and mentally prepare himself to step out into the world. By doing so, it allows him to be more willing to meet people and share the projects he’s created with his fans.

On TV, there He is A common aspect of this thing you’re making,” he explained Bridgerton It was that sense of something that gave us a sense of community, of collective escape when we’re all trapped in our own little bubbles. I think this is something very special and should be handled with care and gratitude.”

Colbert went on to ask Page about his thoughts on the headline from New York Post In January he announced that “The most handsome man in the worldaccording to science. The actor said it’s news for him and that he doesn’t look himself in the mirror every morning and say those things to himself. He also explained that he felt like it was kind of an “ambush” because he wasn’t in the news at that moment and was taking some time for himself to relax before Dungeons and Dragons Press tour, when suddenly people started talking about him again.

The guest and host raved about the cologne and how delicious it smelled, before moving on again to the Bridgerton When Page shared that “what people don’t know” about the show is that he and co-star Phoebe Dynevor “drank terrible coffee all the time”.

Colbert ended the first part of his interview with Page by asking him about a quote he gave him Entertainment Weekly in which he announced it while he was shooting Dungeons and Dragons he had Best butt of my life. ”

“I was really impressed with your successor and your generosity in sharing it with us bridgerton, But why did you get better? Why did you get better? asked the host. “How did you improve on Dungeons and Dragons?

Page cheekily replied, “Sometimes, I give people what they want.”

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Hits theaters March 31st.

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