Random: Oh oh, looks like the Steam deck and Switch might have one thing in common

picture: valve

The Steam Deck review ban was broken last week, with those lucky enough to get their hands on this portable machine from Valve as they gush over it with praise. But it looks like the honeymoon period may be over for some, with a few users reporting the issues players around the world fear – analog drift.

A handful of users on Steam deck subreddit They share videos of their stray joysticks and mouse pointers. You can only see what it looks like below thanks Wario 64:

If you have had a Joy-Con before – And if you own a Switch, you probably have one It might bring back painful memories. Hopefully, Valve can fix the problem, given their insistence that they did a lot to prevent this from happening. It may just be an isolated case of early prototypes, but it’s worth watching how things develop just in case you’re waiting for your pre-order to arrive.

How does Steam Deck treat you? Are you waiting to see if there are any other issues with the latest mobile devices? Let’s know if you’ve fallen with the ‘deck’ or if you’ve been drifting downhill.

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