Bruce Aryan: The Pirates won’t accommodate Tom Brady, if he wants to play for a new team

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Tom Brady is retired. Unless it is. In recent days, a feeling arose that he had retired precisely from the pirates, and that perhaps he would like to play somewhere else.

If that were the case, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians wouldn’t be inclined to facilitate any such attempt.

noAryan told reporters at Joint Boy Scouts on Tuesday, via Rick Stroud from Tampa Bay Times. “Bad work”.

When asked what it would take to get Brady on, Aryan said, “five number 1. “

Brady may have a different opinion, especially since he originally signed a two-year deal before extending it for the 2021 season, mainly for reasons related to the cap. Also, it might not be up to the head coach in the end on whether the Buccaneers show gratitude to Brady by facilitating his departure, if that’s what he ultimately wants.

Arianes doesn’t think that’s what he wants in the end, based on what he said when asked if the door was open when Brady returns.

“He shut the door when I spoke to him,” Arianes said.

Of course, Arians may not have the best ability to read Brady. After all, Aryan went from saying he’d be shocked if Brady retired, after just a few weeks, to saying he’d be shocked if Brady came back.

It’s Brady who said “never say never” and most importantly, he’s not sure how he’ll feel when June or July rolls around.

minimum? If he decides he wants to play for a new team, Brady will find a way to make it happen. And pirates should not try to get in his way.

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