ramkrishna: CBI arrests ex-NSE chief Chitra after questioning in co-location scam

New Delhi: One day after her request for her pre-release was rejected by the court, she issued CBI On Sunday, Chitra was arrested Ramkrishnathe former managing director and CEO of the National Exchange, is involved in a joint website scam.
More than five years after her ouster, Ramkrishna was accused of abusing her position to facilitate the exploitation of the exchange’s server architecture to provide preferential access to an exchange broker. Earlier, the CBI had arrested Anand Subramanian, the former NSE group operations officer in the case, who was appointed at Ramkrishna’s request in violation of standards. Sippy has indicted her along with Subramanian, her ex-boss Ravi Narain, and some other former colleagues.
Ramkrishna was arrested in Delhi after an interrogation during which she allegedly remained elusive. The agency had questioned her three times earlier and found her responses elusive, after which a senior psychologist from the CBI’s Central Forensic Science Laboratory also examined her and noticed that she was not answering truthfully.
A Delhi court on Saturday refused to release her on pre-emptive bail, said her claim of not being involved in the “co-location” scam could not be substantiated and doubted that she might have made up the story of her master yogi instructing her to conceal her involvement. Ramkrishna claimed she received instructions from a yogi’s abode somewhere in the Himalayas but did not know his identity, and only interacted via email.

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