Queen Elizabeth’s final days included party hosting, dog grieving, and TV Iron Man crush

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Queen Elizabeth was left “in a daze” at the death of one of her oldest and most devoted dogs in the months leading up to her death, and took special steps to see that the dog’s remains had been returned to Windsor so she could be buried alongside one of her dogs. Old friends, responded on Saturday.

However, she was said to have been in “shining shape”, just four days before her death, and hosted an informal dinner for some of her cousins. The report will add to the sense that her health Significantly decreased and unexpected In a very short period of time.

The informal dinner party was held on the Sunday before her death. A source told Sun: “It was unusual because it was very casual. Nobody was dressed elegantly. But the Queen was in a shimmering shape. She was very, very playful. She was funny kidding. She was lively.”

The Daily Mail Richard Kay reports That Candy “dorgi” (a cross of dachshund and corgi) Candy died at the age of 18 at the start of the Queen’s summer vacation in Balmoral, Scotland. The Queen flew to Scotland at the end of July.

Kay says the Queen left the pact to bury the dogs on the estate where they were to expire, and instead Kandy went back to Windsor and asked that the dog be buried near her long-term companion, a corgi named Vulcan.

Staff at her home were surprised by the move, and “saw it as a sign that the Queen intended to return to Windsor at the end of the holiday to oversee the laying of the tombstone herself,” Kay says.

The daily Mail She adds that, in the last weeks of her life, she became mildly obsessed with a famous BBC weatherman named Thomas Schaffnaker, with a source saying: ‘It was like a crush; she always wanted to watch the forecast when he was in. She enjoyed hearing the tunes when it was read his name but she also loved watching it.”

When it was suggested she might not take the oath of office to new Prime Minister Liz Truss, the Sun Says , the Queen He apparently replied, “Of course I have to, it’s my job.”

The Mail He also quotes a senior Scottish churchman, Rt Rev Dr Iain Greenshields, who had lunch with her on Sunday, four days before her death.

He said: “She was talking about her past, her love for Moral, her father, her mother, Prince Philip, and horses, and she was very involved in what’s going on in the church and what’s going on in the nation as well….when I left her on Sunday she was very positive, and I find it very difficult Believe that in those few days things have changed so much.”

The Mail She adds that just two days before her death, on Tuesday, she spoke to racehorse trainer Cliff Cox about her horse’s Love Affairs.

Cox said, “We talked about the filly, how the race might have ended, how another horse performed for her in my stable and a couple of other things. She was as sharp as a grab.”

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