Punch-Hanna 4EVE reveals their feelings from their first meeting until now. I was almost moved to tears.

This week’s “HELL-O Mitr” features two girls from the hot girl group “4EVE” who are both best friends. And enemies at the same time Punch And Hanna Let’s talk in a lively program. Which I have to say there are definitely things that contradict the way everyone looks from the outside.

Hannah described her first feeling when she met Punch in the 4EVE Girl Group Star competition, she was upset from the beginning. Because actually when we met, this is not the first time you have seen Hannah Bunch! As for Punch, he said that the version of Hannah that everyone sees now has changed since the first time Punch met her and she has become a different person.

As for today, what the fans saw on the stage or different elements seemed to be that the two were enemies to each other or waiting to shock each other all the time, both Punch and Hanna revealed that because we both have equal morals and we often do strange things together because of those things if you go and invite other members To do that. No one would agree to do this, so fans often see funny clips of the duo.

Until it came to the end where the team made the couple talk about their habits of wanting to be together. And things that impress each other got both unexpected answers. Their relationship has also been secretly affected

Learn fun stories from two brothers who are best friends and rivals on HELL-O Mitr in this EP. There was also secret talk about the members who were not participating in the show. Let me tell you, the story is comprehensive, including everyone!

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