“Pu Praya” is about her being robbed of 200 million baht worth of diamonds in Los Angeles, just like in the movie, and she helps her husband with his work, not wanting to be a burden.

“Bo Praya” is happy in married life, not very sweet but good quality. They both fly frequently but give importance to every festival. Plans have already been made for the kids. But I'm not ready yet. Help your husband work and save money first. I don't want to be just a burden. The story of how I was robbed of $200 million worth of jewelry in Los Angeles is as exciting as a movie.

It's called very happy. About life after marriage for girls “Bu Praya Suandokmai Lundberg” I recently caught up with him at the launch of A SECRET COLLAGEN, so I'd like to give you an update. When will I have a baby like everyone else? Ready to ask about this exciting event after almost being robbed in Los Angeles

“happy. Happy to fly there and back maybe 6 times already. It hasn't even been half a year yet. There was a return trip to shoot a commercial. I've now started building a house in Los Angeles as well. I have to look at the work there. He also returned to filming in Thailand non-stop this year. For example, there is casting work there. There are film and series projects, and my husband is working hard. When you go to Dubai, India, they fly more than crabs. We all fly differently, we are used to it, we meet every 2-3 weeks, we fly to meet somewhere. But since we've been together, it's been like this. They are a couple involved in their work. Poe always said that women should work. Because if we stop working, we won't help them do anything. He talks to the crab and when the crab falls he will help catch it. The crab will tell him what if we fall. Who will help pick us up? So, the crab should work too.

Good times are few but they are quality. Different people work living life as a normal couple
“Actually, we weren't a nice couple from the beginning. He's not the romantic type. It would be a little dangerous. But the time we have together will be a good time. We rarely argue. He's very mature. There are no quarrels and no jealous people, and Cancers are very happy this way. The crab still has the energy to work. It depends on the couple. Some couples who live together every day have arguments. Some couples live like this. Different people work Cancer believes that if a crab stops working at all, it is not a crab. Stopping work and going shopping like this I'm bored to death I'm already doing a good job, when we've been together for a month. The crab did nothing. He works in the evenings, cooks lobster, and lives like a normal couple. There is a family plan. “Everything was already done in steps.”

Even though I travel a lot, I still have family time. Give importance to every festival
“Yes, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Chinese New Year, we should meet up. No matter where you are in the world, you have to travel to meet each other. We will give importance to that. It is an agreement between the two sides. On Crabbe's birthday, he must come. Went on Khao Po's birthday. On Chinese New Year, the crab went to stay with his family. Travel to Los Angeles on Valentine's Day. As for the life of a housewife, I live in Los Angeles, cook and grow a vegetable garden. Raising 4 dogs and raising chickens to collect fresh eggs. I am obsessed with growing vegetables and have a rose garden.

Help your husband work and save money. I don't want to be a burden.
“Poo is not a fan of shopping. The crab felt that with the money he earned he was very tired. A wedding is once in a lifetime, do your best. But then, if you notice Pu rarely works outside or goes out to work. Pu will work to help In saving money, he helped build a family, creating a foundation for himself because the crab thinks he is too tired from work. Bo doesn't want to be a burden. As for the house in Los Angeles, it's the one we chose together. It's a dwelling we've prepared. But you have to tear it down and rebuild it.”

Plan to have children for a while. I want to help my husband with work first. To be proportional to the capabilities he possesses
“It may take a moment. But as I said, the crab is not afraid. Marrying at a suitable age I will have a child soon, but now I really want to help my husband with his work. Poe feels that we are capable people. And his family works hard. We are lucky to be part of his family, we have hands, brains and fame, and we must use them properly. “I am a working daughter-in-law.”

The family does not ask about the child. Waiting for the day to be ready There is a lot of work now.
“His family is very modern. We're not saying there won't be anything. But I think in this day and age we have the day when we are ready. But it was planned, but at this time, as you can see the waiting list for the paving work until the end of the year. I feel so overwhelmed when I get married and have more work to do than before. When I got back to LA, I got to rest, garden, relax, cook, and take care of the dog because being in Thailand was so tiring. Stay there, I don't want to do anything. But I've done a lot of work and I'm confused (laughs).”

Completely Sai Mo, just asking for work. Dance in honor of Brahma every year
“Mo with all the strength of the house of Phi A (Supachai Sriwijit) Great, Bo will ask about work. Have you noticed that we have danced a lot lately, and we have had to pledge and ask and receive, but the Brahma dances and gives it every year. Because my mother asked to put the crab on the Brahma, he cannot have children, it is difficult. Mother asked for it and got it. So it was said that the dance would be performed every year for good luck. Bo is not good at dancing, but P'Nun (Woranuch Bhirombhakdi) sends a teacher to teach her, so she continues to practice dancing. It's full of Moo type. In the past, I was respected. But you know, I practice chanting the Emperor's prayers, I practice meditation, I try to practice the principles, but there are times when I break the principles, lie, drink alcohol (laughs), but I really try to practice more. Buddha's room in the most sacred house.

He is not heavy because he wants to control his mind. To be aware of life
“Maybe as P'A used to say. When I was a teenager I was very naughty. Being in the entertainment industry has faced many things. High competition Many emotions Feel like we can't control external things. But we can control our minds, which requires awareness and concentration, and I also believe that people are only born once for a very short time. So, if the crab goes, he wants to be in good telepathy. And you want to be aware of life Let's remember because every second is valuable. I would say I'm with the Moo line. Po said about Buddhism more Dhamma way in the past year was a lot. Not so much this year. Last year I wanted a lot of things. But this year it's all over.”

In life now I want to be a giver. Involved in helping both people and animals
“Now I feel like I don't want to miss any opportunity. But I want to be more giving. If I speak from my heart, I feel passionate about helping stray dogs, disabled dogs, and giving scholarships to kids. I love doing things like this already. I don't feel like I want to “Anything, my love life is good, my work is good, my family is healthy, but I want to help my husband in his work. I don’t want him to feel that we have taken advantage of him.”

It tells the story of being robbed of diamonds worth 200 million baht in Los Angeles, which makes you realize that you want to live a simple life.
“I mean, wear your diamonds and go the other way. Get into a car and then move to another car. There was another car blocking the road to escape the bodyguard, and there was so much chaos at that point, when I got out of the car, I immediately thought I had been very lucky. Because of millions of dollars worth of diamonds, if you are kidnapped, you will die. (Does it sound like a movie?) At the time, I was amazed by what was happening. And then I told myself that was enough. I think that sometimes when we face so many obstacles, I feel that in the past it was tiring to manage events abroad. Now I'm focusing on raising a family, starting a business, and studying acting because it's an art I still love. Get the story you really want to play. You can throw it whenever you want. Hollywood isn't easy. But in my heart, I didn't pressure myself. Because the crab is no longer in tune with the direction of the word.

In the past, I was very sad. Because I'm afraid my work will be lost. But now that I have raised my hand, I have a lot of work to do, no need to run, no need to be tired. The events of that day make you feel that enough is enough. We have been going to events abroad for over 6-7 years at the time of the accident. I just thought that if things were different, I would talk to my closest brothers and sisters that we would all be in the hospital tomorrow. Maybe they didn't come to sit and eat together. I told myself, let's get it over with and live a simple life. Sometimes things that are too difficult don't have to be done. No matter what it takes, we won't have to struggle. It's like loving a crab. In the past, I struggled to death, but I was unable to find it. When I stopped struggling, I found Him. The work is done without expectations, without pressure, without competition, so we can do it happily.

Currently working on the project. But he still couldn't talk
“There's a project I'm working on. But I can't really talk. Like I said, I didn't post a picture. It's not that I don't have anything to do, it's that I work after taking pictures on social media, I'm tired, I can't do it anymore, I can't fight, I have to study editing again. This app got stuck in the wrong place again, so it's similar at the moment, Tik Tok is probably the easiest to play. So IG doesn't go down much. (Did you ask P'A?) P'A made a fuss and said she stretched her legs. Bo said he wasn't sure. P'A asked me to go on the app (laughs), but we've also been in this industry for a long time. The last part was lighter and cooler.

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