PS wants to reduce gas consumption

Due to the war in Ukraine, Switzerland is at risk of facing a supply crisis this winter, with a 30% drop in available gas levels. PS sounds the alarm and tells you to reduce consumption as a preventative measure.

In a status article published on Thursday, PS is concerned that difficulties in supplying electricity are possible, albeit to a lesser extent. This is why he calls on the Federal Council to act in the short term, but to provide “additional measures to encourage impact-generating investment in the energy sector by 2025”.

Concrete activities

In concrete terms, the Socialist Party proposes a series of measures to be implemented from the beginning of next winter. In the short term, the party proposes, for example, to slightly reduce gas consumption by heating the rooms to a temperature of less than 1 degree Celsius or a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius from the beginning of the heating season.

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If the supply crisis is to become a reality, the party is considering disrupting gas supplies in some industrial sectors and providing adequate compensation to companies.

When it comes to electricity, PS recommends a “quick-hit” plan to replace outdated and inefficient appliances. For example, replacing neon lights with LED lights or cast iron / ceramic hops with induction hops.

Standing sheet still provides the obligation to install solar panels on large roofs and new constructions. He also mentions the establishment of a national campus for energy conversion, to train 4,000 professionals a year.

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