Prime Minister’s plan to discuss the solution! Korean immigration bans Thais from entering country: PPTVHD36

The Prime Minister gave an interview on the drama of banning Thai people from traveling to South Korea. Discuss with the Deputy Minister of External Affairs to find solutions

On October 31, 2023, Prime Minister Mr. Many immigration officials who could not enter the country of Seth Tavis said that they did not know about this drama and did not hear anything about it, but the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. They promised to discuss with Chakrapong Changmani. To solve the problem

Actually, this drama has come around many times, but this time it started with a Thai YouTuber telling about her experience of being called to a cold storage facility by South Korean immigration officials. He was also sent back to the country

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Many Thais who had the same experience commented and commented on their own experiences until #BanTravelKorea trended.

Some people think hotel reservation fees or deposits should be refunded in South Korea because they are Thai tourists who spent money on a trip but could not enter the country.

Joey Boy, a famous rapper, made this thing louder than ever. Come out and have your say. South Korea should be open to apply for a visa so that there will be no problem at the destination because being turned away by the immigration bureau will result in loss of money for the ticket, the cost of booking accommodation and the places and places to visit. Makes you feel bad.

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