Presentation of the Aranmar Yamagata vs. NEC Red Rockets Volleyball League, 5th League 2023/24 (link to watch live)

NEC Red Rockets vs Aranmer Yamagata
Review of the Fifth Volleyball League 2023/24 (direct watch link)

Aranmar Yamagata state of readiness

Aranmar Yamagata The new players in the V-League for this season, who are now the last team in the points table at the moment, after playing 4 matches, are still looking for a win and have not lost 4 matches in a row, which was the case last week Yamagata, still has not recovered from it , punch in the last 4 matches, he only got two sets, which is considered a somewhat difficult reception for the new team, and this match still has to face former champions like the Red Rockets, which is considered a difficult task, the game can be said that in the last four matches , Aranmar Yamagata had to rely on her Emmezzomasi Okkearu Very much a Nigerian import player. If they want to change their level, local players must step up and help the team more.

Standby status for NEC Red Rockets

NEC Red Rockets He missed the big game last week after losing to GT Marvelous in an out-of-form series 0-3, leaving the Red Rockets “Pure” Acharaporn Kongyut The mainstay of the Thai national team must lose the unbeaten record fell to fourth place in the results table from 4 matches, won 3 and lost 1. But the defeat in the last match may be a good thing. Because it shows the team’s weaknesses. And restore team awareness More importantly, this match also met a new team from the V-League battle as well, which was considered a good match to restore Team Red’s confidence. Rockets ever.

Model from the last 5 matches

Aranmar Yamagata

  • 05/11/23 Toray Arrows 3-1 Aranmar Yamagata (5th League)
  • 04/11/23 PFU Bluecats 3-1 Aranmar Yamagata (5th League)
  • 10/29/23 Hisamizu Springs 3-0 Aranmar Yamagata (5th League)
  • 10/28/23 Saitama Ageo 3-0 Aranmar Yamagata (League 5)
  • 04/09/23 Victorina Himeji 2-3 Aranmar Yamagata (5th League)

NEC Red Rockets

  • 11/11/23 NEC Red Rockets ?-? Hisamizu Springs (League 5)
  • 11/05/23 NEC Red Rockets 0-3 GT Marvelous (V League)
  • 11/04/23 Toyota Quinces 3-0 NEC Red Rockets (Premier League)
  • 10/29/23 NEC Red Rockets 3-1 Hitachi Astimo (Premier League)
  • 10/28/23 NEC Red Rockets 3-1 Dinso Irribez (Premier League)

Results of the last 5 meetings

****The two had never met before.


In this game, no matter what angle you look at it, Aranmer Yamagata is very difficult to fight. Because the new team for V-League battle has not been able to modify the team status yet. The only reliable one is Emmezzomasi Okkerou, while the Red Missiles can be said to have a full range of heavy weapons. “Pure” Acharaporn, Danny Drews B after the score of the United States national team and Sarina Nishida It can be said that they are on their toes and after their loss last week, they have 5 days to adjust their forces. And rest assured, the red rockets are definitely going to be tough in this game.

Expected result
Aranmar Yamagata 0-3 NEC Red Rockets

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