“Kratae R-Siam” almost lost her face, fell and pierced the head of the lamp with her blood-covered chin.

It was considered a great misfortune. For the best country music, Trumpe Bunyaliang or Kratae Rsiam has recently traveled abroad. But I encountered something unexpected. When he had an accident, he fell and his chin was pierced by a lamp head in the room. I had to sew up to 5 stitches, and this work was difficult. She posted a message describing the incident, saying:

“#Sorry, the picture might be a little scary. #If you don’t have a heart, don’t move the picture to see the next picture. Your chin is broken!! I got 5 stitches! With neglect the mother almost lost her face (I almost got a new one) #And I just traveled to Venice The first day. Complete hair and makeup with full outfit. I was about to go down and photograph the boat, but I tripped and fell and hit my chin with the head of the lamp in the room. I was shocked! I’m so numb on the bed. Praying it was just a scratch, but oh my God! The wound is so deep! The flesh is open. ! There is blood all over my chin. And I let out a sigh… Why? Oh, it’s all right, it will be considered an ordeal. From heavy to light you will be free from all dangers. And after this all I have is nothing but greatness and glory! Well!! (Give thyself A lot of inner strength. I feel very nervous.)

Note: The photo is from 2-3 years ago, where I slipped, fell, hit the edge of the pool and got 17 stitches in my leg, but after that life was so much better! Seriously, I need to be more careful with myself. I want to thank everyone for your caring words. #It’s so painful I’m going to die. But this is very brave!! When we get to Venice, we should take some pictures. Take a photo shoot with gauze stuck to your chin!!

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