Premier League Game, Home Game, Cheating Death, Manchester United’s 2-1 Defeat at Brentford: Player Ratings


Football English Premier League 2023/24

Race Day:

Saturday, October 7, 2023


Etihad Stadium

Competition Results:

Manchester United 2-1 Brentford

Andre Onana – 5

Cole, as usual, didn’t miss much of the errant shot, but was denied and let it slip into his hands. In the second half, we were able to make some good saves at certain moments. In terms of the way we released the ball with our feet today, although there were no mistakes, it was still imprecise.

Diogo Dalot – 6

Today he was moved back to right-back position. Addition of attacking play has some role. But today the opening moment still does not seem to reach the goal.

Jonny Evans – 7

The game was very quiet and security controlled, giving you the chance to take the field as a real person. Some good defensive moments helped the team.

Victor Lindelof – 6

Moved to stand at left-back in an inverted full-back role. But today seems to have filled many moments with happiness until losing the position several times.

Harry Maguire – 7

Jonny Evans, who is performing well overall, will be the opener. There were no major mistakes on defense. He also assisted McTominay’s winning goal in this game.

Casimiro – 5

The performance in this game still does not match the eyes. There were too many missteps, especially the first goal which came from a missed pass in his own half.

Sophian Amrabat – 6

Brought in to stand as a central midfielder. Work is very busy in cutting games. But overall, it was felt that they could not control the game in the middle of the field.

Bruno Fernandes – 6

Plays the role of heart in midfield, helping to release the ball and bring play down. But today there is not much room to play in dangerous areas. Participated in a goal that was chubby at the end of the game.

Mason Mount – 5

Starting from the attacking position, today’s performance is considered more quiet. In addition to nothing standing, I missed a golden opportunity to try to see in the penalty area.

Marcus Rashford – 5

Still not in good shape. Despite having a few chances to slip into the penalty area, the shot went straight at the goalkeeper. His rhythm with the ball was still lacking confidence.

Rasmus Hoyland – 7

Still has the speed and strength to collect the ball diligently chasing the ball in the front zone and putting some pressure on the upper side. But got the ball in some dangerous moments today. The ball rarely came.

Christian Eriksen (in place of Casemiro, 46th) – 7

He created more chances in attacking play than Casemiro, who made two saves from the start of the second half.

Alejandro Carnacho (replaced Rashford 63) – 7

A key role in the late game is to score with the ball and create chances on the left side which is great for the team.

Antony (instead of Mount 63) – 5

He didn’t play much of a role in the game during his time on the field.

Anthony Martial (replacing Lindelof 71) – 5

At the end of the game he came down to pressure in the penalty area.

Scott McTominay (replacing Amrabat 87) – 10

The real hero of today’s game since he scored 2 sharp goals at the end of the game and led the team to a huge win.

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